-olatry, -latry, -olater-, -later, -olatress, -latress, -olatria, -olatrous, -latrous

(Greek: worship; excessively, fanatically devoted to someone or something; “service paid to the gods”)

Yet, if he would, man cannot live all to this world. If not religious, he will be superstitious. If he worships not the true God, he will have his idols.

—Theodore Parker
cosmolatry (s) (noun), cosmolatries (pl)
Worship of the world or of the universe.
cynolatry (s) (noun), cynolatries (pl)
The worship of dogs.
demonolater (s) (noun), demonolaters (pl)
Someone who worships demons.
demonolatry (s) (noun), demonolatries (pl)
The worship of demons; demon worship.
dendrolatrous (adjective), more dendrolatrous, most dendrolatrous
Pertaining to the worship of trees.
dendrolatry (s) (noun), dendrolatries (pl)
The worship of trees.
diabolatry (digh" uh BAHL uh tree) , diabololatry (digh" uh bahl AHL uh tree) (s) (noun); diabolatries, diabololatries (pl)
The worship of the Devil or Satan.
ecclesiolatry (s) (noun), ecclesiolatries (pl)
1. Worship of a church group or excessive reverence for church forms, practices, and traditions.
2. Excessive devotion to a church or a religious denomination.
epeolatry (s) (noun), epeolatries (pl)
The worship of words.
episcopolatry (s) (noun), episcopolatries (pl)
The worship of bishops.
epistemolatry (s) (noun), epistemolatries (pl)
A great reverence or worship for intellectual accomplishments: There are some people whose epistemolatry involves achievements in learning proficiencies as the ultimate achievements that anyone can acquire.

epistolatry (s) (noun), epistolatries (pl)
The worship of or an excessive devotion to letters or correspondence; such as, a piece of handwritten or printed text addressed to a recipient and typically sent by mail.
The worship of one’s stomach.
Worship of genii (attendant godlings or spirits of a person or place; from Roman religious beliefs).
geolatry (s) (noun) (no pl)
Rare, the worship of the Earth; Earth worship: It seemed that Jane idolised and had great respect for the world and all the things of the Earth, which her parents told her was termed geolatry, a kind of religion.

Related religious-word units: church; dei-, div-; ecclesi-; fanati-; hiero-; idol-; theo-; zelo-.