necro-, necr-, necron-, -necrosis, nekro- +

(Greek: dead, death, dead body; dead tissue or cells; corpse)

In psychiatry, masturbation with phantasies of corpses as the sexual object.
Death caused by excessive exposure to ionizing radiation (x-ray or gamma rays).
Necrosis (death) of the bones of the nose.
Death of fat tissue.
steatonecrosis (s) (noun) (no pl)
In pathology, fat necrosis: Steatonecrosis, or the death of cells, can be brought on by injury, disease or through the stoppage of the supply of blood.
1. A severe gangrenous inflammation of the mouth or genitals, usually occurring in children who are malnourished or otherwise debilitated.
2. Noma of the mouth, or a progressive necrotizing process originating in the cheek of the mouth with the secondary involvement of the gingiva and jawbone.

It occurs primarily in debilitated children, and the mortality rate is high. There is a strong, foul odor; marked by surrounding edema; absence of a specific erythematous halo; marked changes in the white blood cell count; and a high temperature.

An interaction between individuals or populations so mutually detrimental that it results in death, as in the case of some parasitic relationships.
Necrosis (death) of the walls of a blood vessel.

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