necro-, necr-, necron-, -necrosis, nekro- +

(Greek: dead, death, dead body; dead tissue or cells; corpse)

necrophilism (s) (noun) (no pl)
In psychiatry, a morbid desire to be in the presence of dead bodies: In the story Sally was reading, the main character suffered from necrophilism and loved to walk in graveyards and talk to the dead bodies.
necrophilous (adjectove) (not comparable)
Referring to a preference for dead tissue or dead things: There are some necrophilous organisms, like bacteria or insects, that thrive on deceased matter.
necrophily (s) (noun) (no pl)
A morbid fondness for being in the presence of dead bodies; necrophilia: Necrophily is an extremely abnormal erotic or sexual interest in corpses.
Someone who has an excessive fear of death or of dead bodies.
necrophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An irrational dread of death or dead bodies: Some individuals who suffer from necrophobia have a great fear of corpses and graveyards, believing that the buried will return and haunt the living!
necrophobic (adjective), more necrophobic, most necrophobic
A reference to someone who has a morbid fear of death or of corpses: Jack's sister was certainly necrophobic because she was not only afraid of dead bodies, but also of coffins, tombstones, scythes, and graveyards!
Any of numerous species of beetles of the genus Necrophorus and allied genera; also called, burying beetle, carrion beetle, or sexton beetle.
The transport of dead individuals away from a colony, as with some social insects.
necrophoric behavior
A behavior pattern in which an animal carries around the corpse of a dead animal of the same species.
A genus of burying beetles.
The consumption of dead plant materials
Feeding on dead plant material.
Gangrene in the lung.
necropolis (s) (noun), necropolises (pl)
1. A cemetery; especially a large, elaborate, or ancient one; literally, "city of the dead": The most interesting necropolises Karin visited were built above ground because of the scarcity of dry land in the city.
2. A historic or prehistoric burial ground: There were widespread protests when the government announced plans to bulldoze the ancient necropolis in order to build a museum of tolerance.
A cemetery.
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