necro-, necr-, necron-, -necrosis, nekro- +

(Greek: dead, death, dead body; dead tissue or cells; corpse)

1. A morbid tendency to dwell with, or a longing for, death.
2. A morbid attraction to dead bodies.
1. Someone who has a pathological preoccupation with dead bodies or the subject of death.
2. A person with a morbid attraction to dead bodies.
3. Anyone who has a morbid tendency to long for, or to desire, death.
An instrument for measuring a dead body or any of its parts or organs.
necromimesis (s) (noun) (no plural)
1. The simulation of death by a mental patient who believes himself or herself to be dead.
2. The pathological delusion in which a person is convinced that he or she is dead.
Feigning the appearance of death, as certain beetles.
A surgical procedure in which necrotic tissue is removed.
A parasite that decomposes nonliving organic matter to obtain nutrients that are then absorbed through cell membranes.
necropathy (s) (noun), necropathies (pl)
A condition or disease process principally characterized by decaying tissue gangrene: Necropathy can occur when there is no longer a supply of blood to that part of the body.
1. To eat or subsist on dead bodies; such as, carrion, by organisms or certain animals.
2. Feeding on dead material; saprophytic.

The term carrion refers to the decaying flesh of a dead body; rotten, filthy, etc.

Feeding on the flesh of dead animals (carrion) or other dead material by certain insects and some animals; saprophytic.
necrophile, necrophilist (s) (noun); necrophile; necrophilists (pl)
In psychiatry, a person who is morbidly attracted to corpses; also attributed and figuratively, a morbid fancy for the dead, or for contact with dead bodies: Jack had a friend who was a necrophile and obsessed and fascinated with someone's departure, cadavers, and corpses.
necrophilic (noun), more necrophilic, most necrophilic
Descriptive of an individual who is obsessively attracted to to the dead: Nancy's friend had a necrophilic trait in her that Nancy found very macabre and dreadful.

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