loqu-, -loquence, -loquent, -loquently, -loquy, -iloquent, -iloquently

(Latin: talk, speak, say)

This loqu unit is directly related to the "talk, speak, say, word, speech" locu- family unit.

The condition or quality of being loquacious; talkativeness.
loquent, loquence, loquency
Speaking, talking.
magniloquent (adjective), more magniloquent, most magniloquent
Referring to people who talk or write in a pompous manner or who are extravagant in their speech: In order to impress his teacher, Sam typed his essay in a quite magniloquent way, with flowery and high-sounding expressions.
Boastful when talking.
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Magniloquence; that is, speaking in, or characterized by a high-flown often bombastic style or manner of talking.
maniloquism (s) (noun), maniloquisms (pl)
Communication between individuals who can't hear: The system of maniloquism is used by the deaf who use symbols made with the hands and fingers.
1. Speaking sweetly or harmoniously.
2. Literally, “honey-tongued”; a glib or fluent speaker.
3. Pertaining to a smooth talker or a con artist.
melliloquently (adverb), more melliloquently, most melliloquently
A reference to talking in a harmonious or sweet manner.
mendaciloquent (adjective), more mendaciloquent, most mendaciloquent
Telling artful lies or presenting false words: The governor's mendaciloquent excuses that he was innocent of charges that he was taking drugs didn't convince anyone because pictures revealed the truth.
1. Speaking very much.
2. Very talkative; loquacious.
Talking a great deal; talkative.
Loquacious, gabby; excessive talking.
Nescio de quo loqueris.
I don't know what you're talking about.
obloquy (s) (noun), obloquies (pl)
1. A state or condition of disgrace resulting from public abuse or defamation: The head of the secret police resigned in obloquy because his department's secrets had been leaked to the press.
2. Evil-speaking directed against a person or thing; abuse, detraction, calumny, or slander: The newspapers engaged in vicious obloquies against the corrupt city official.
3. Evil reputation, bad repute; a disgrace: The gangster tried to make up for his history of obloquies by donating great sums of money to charities.
Contemptuous or abusive words.
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Bad talking about someone.
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Talking about everything; speaking about everything or on all subjects.
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