loqu-, -loquence, -loquent, -loquently, -loquy, -iloquent, -iloquently

(Latin: talk, speak, say)

This loqu unit is directly related to the "talk, speak, say, word, speech" locu- family unit.

A talking together; a conversation, a dialogue (a conversation between two people).
Cor ad cor loquitur.
Heart speaks to heart.

Motto of Cardinal Newman College, St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

dentiloquent, dentiloquence
Talking through the teeth.
Someone who speaks through clenched teeth.
diversiloquent, diversiloquence
Speaking in different ways.
doctiloquent (adjective), more doctiloquent, most doctiloquent
A reference to someone who talks about a subject which he or she has studied and knows a great deal about: As a doctiloquent student, Anita amazed her university professors and fellow students with her depth of knowledge about her studies; especially, in the fields of science."
dulciloquent, dulciloquence
Speaking sweetly or in a sweet manner.
A soft manner of speaking.
1. The action, practice, or art of expressing thought with fluency, force, and appropriateness, so as to appeal to the reason or move the feelings of those who are recipients of such fluency.
2. The quality of being eloquent, as an attribute of speakers or writers, their utterances or style.
3. An alleged technical term denoting a company of lawyers; obsolete, rare.
eloquent, eloquently, eloquential
1. Of persons possessing or exercising the power of fluent, forcible, and appropriate expression.
2. Of utterances or style characterized by forcible and appropriate expression.
fallaciloquence (s) (noun), fallaciloquences (pl)
Speaking deceitfully or using misleading conversation: Marie told her husband that she was tired of listening to his fallaciloquences. She wanted him to tell her the truth.
fatiloquent, fatiloquence
Declaring fate, prophetic.
flexiloquent, flexiloquence
1. Speaking evasively or ambiguously.
2. Speaking with a doubtful or double meaning.
furor loquendi
A passion for talking.
Appearing to speak from the stomach; ventriloquism.
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