legi-, -leg-, -ligi-, -lig-, -lect-, -lectic, -lection

(Latin: read, readable [to choose words; to gather, to collect; to pick out; to read, to recite])

Closely related to lexi-, -lexia, -lexic, -lexis (Greek: a word; a saying, a phrase; speaking).

1. Highly specific in activity or effect.
2. Intentionally choosing some things and not others.
sortilege (s) (noun), sortileges (pl)
1. The practice of magic with supernatural powers: With the wave of her magical wand, the Fairy Godmother, skilled in sortilege, changed the poor little scullery maid into a beautiful princess.
2. Etymology: from Latin sortilegus, “prophetic, soothsayer”; from sors, “lot, fortune” plus legere, “to read”.
Witchery magic.
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1. Poorly articulated or enunciated, or drowned out by noise; for example, unintelligible speech.
2. Not clearly understood or expressed.

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