halio-, hali-, halo-, hal-

(Greek > Latin: salt or "the sea")

Don't confuse this halio-, halo-, hal- unit with another hal- unit which means "breathe, breath".

halophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
The revulsion or dread of salt or of salty food: Being strongly affected by halophobia, Thomas detested sodium chloride with his meals and so he didn't have it on the table and just ate fruit and vegetables without the extra seasoning.
halophobic (adjective), more halophobic, most halophobic
Referring to organisms which are intolerant of saline habitats: Some bacteria that are halophobic can only survive in freshwater environments and soils having less than 3% salinity.
A plant utilizing saline ground water.
halophyte (s) (noun) halophytes (pl)
A plant living in saline conditions; for example, a plant tolerating or thriving in an alkaline soil rich in sodium and calcium salts.
halophytic (adjective), more halophytic, most halophytic
1. Marine or inland salt-water plankton.
2. Organisms that float in salt water.
An ecological succession commencing in a saline habitat.
Saltwater areas as a whole; the marine portion of an environment.
That branch of chemistry that deals with salts.
halotolerant (adjective), more halotolerant, most halotolerant
Descriptive of enduring, although not necessarily preferring, a saline or salty environment.
A salty white Greek cheese with a tough rubbery texture that is usually grilled until a crust has formed on both sides and eaten hot.
The loss of salt by the body.
A reference to organisms that freely inhabit fresh water, sea water, and brackish water.
A term used to characterize waters with salinity greater than 40 parts per thousand of dissolved salts, due to ocean-derived salts.
Pertaining to brackish water having a salinity between three and ten parts per thousand or sea water having a salinity between 30 and 34 parts per thousand.

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