glypto-, glypt-, -glypha, -glyph, -glyphic, -glyphous +

(Greek: carve, carving, engraving; to hollow out; by extension, a form of writing)

Ancient hieroscribe symbol This ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, the symbol of the Egyptian scribe, will take you to an explanation of hieroglyphs for a greater understanding of these special writing symbols.

petroglyph (s) (noun), petroglyphs (pl)
A carving or a drawing on rocks that are usually made by prehistoric people or some individual: Allen, an anthropologist, found a petroglyph that had been chipped into a stone wall of a cave.
petroglyphy (s) (noun), petroglyphies (pl)
The art or process of carving on the surfaces of rocks: Prehistoric people are known for their skill of petroglyphy including inscriptions or drawings on stones or on the sides of boulders.
photoglyph, photoglyphic
An engraved plate; such as that which can be printed from or produced by the action of light.
photoglyphography, photoglyphy
1. The art or process of engraving by means of the action of light and certain chemical processes.
2. The production of photoglyphic plates and photoglyphs or photogravures.
phytoglyphy, phytoglyphic
Nature-printing, as originally used for plants.
proteroglypha, proteroglyphous
A venomous snake belonging to a group characterized by grooved fangs in the front of the mouth.
solenoglyph, solenoglyphous
A venomous snake belonging to a group characterized by extra venom glands and grooved fangs which can be retracted.
The set of patterns that are the fine whorls, arches, and other finger-ridges that have an underlying dermal matrix which determines their distribution.
A reference to a member or ornament in the Doric order, consisting of a block or tablet with three vertical grooves or glyphs (strictly, two whole grooves, and a half-groove on each side), repeated at regular intervals along the frieze, usually one over each column, and one or two between every two columns.

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