audio-, aud-, audi-, audit- +

(Latin: hearing, listening, perception of sounds)

transaudient (adjective), more transaudient, most transaudient
Concerning the passage of the mechanical vibrations perceived as sound; penetrable by sound waves: Virginia's next-door neighbour had a door to her apartment that was not transaudient because there was no way any noise from the other side could enter her home.
unaudible (adjective) (not comparable)
Concerning something that is not hearable or is incapable of being heard: The whispered comments to her husband were unaudible to those sitting across from her at the dining table.
unaudited (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to something that has not been scrutinized or inspected: Sam was told that his financial statements were still unaudited and that he should call back the following week when they would be completely examined.
Verbera, sed audi. (Latin saying)
Literally, "Beat me, but hear me out." Freely translated as, "Don't shoot the messenger."

Related "hear, hearing; listen, listening" units: acous-; ausculto-.