(Greek: steersman, pilot, helmsman; to steer, guide, govern, governor; computer-mediated electronic communications)

The “art of governing” a derivative of Greek kubernete, “steersman, governor”, from kuberman, “steer”, source of the English word govern.
cybrarian (s) (noun), cybrarians (pl)
Librarians, or researchers, who use the internet as a primary source of information: There are increasingly more cybrarians who often find it easier to obtain information from websites than from printed books; especially, when funds for buying books have become unavailable.

Often it is much more convenient for cybrarians to find what they are looking for on the internet than from hundreds of books on shelves.

medical cybernetics (s) (noun) (a plural form used in the singular)
A branch of science that combines theories and studies in communication and regulation in living species and machines: Medical Cybernetics searches for descriptions of biological dynamics and investigates various connections in human biology, medical decision making, and information that can process structures in the human body.
neurocybernetics (s) (noun)
1. The study of communication and automatic governing systems in a mutual relationship with machines and living organisms: The organizational theory of neurocybernetics is based on the cognition of the structural and functional nature of the brain as the most complex biological self-organizating system.
2. In the physical sciences, the study of exchanging information and self-regulating control systems with a mutual relation to machines and individual living things: The general theory of neurocybernetics distinguishes three aspects of brain information activity: statistic, semantic, and pragmatic.
3. A science concerned with the processes of managing and the transfer of information in the nervous system: It is possible to identify three components of neurocybernetics: the organization, the regulation, and the theory of knowledge, based on three streams in the material world (substance, energy, and information).
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