clam- [cla-] clamat-, claim-

(Latin: talk, call out, speak, say, shout; make noise, be loud)

unreclaimable (adjective), more unreclaimable, most unreclaimable
1. Descriptive of or characteristic of that which cannot be salvaged: The unreclaimable agricultural land was designated by the city as the location of the new city garbage dump.
2. Relating to something that is not possible to use again in the same way: The glass bottles in the refuse or junk area are unreclaimable materials because they are broken into little pieces and mixed with too many other disposable pieces of trash.
unreclaimed (adjective), more unreclaimed, most unreclaimed
A reference to that which is unreformed, untamed, wild, or impossible to cultivate: Jim's mother was very upset when she thought of the unreclaimed manners and behavior of her son, wishing that he would be quiet and control his bad conduct.
Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "talk, speak, speech; words, language; tongue, etc.": cit-; dic-; fa-; -farious; glosso-; glotto-; lalo-; linguo-; locu-; logo-; loqu-; mythico-; -ology; ora-; -phasia; -phemia; phon-; phras-; Quotes: Language,Part 1; Quotes: Language, Part 2; Quotes: Language, Part 3; serm-; tongue; voc-.