baro-, bar-, bary- +

(Greek: weight, heavy; atmospheric pressure; a combining form meaning "pressure", as in barotaxis, or sometimes "weight", as in baromacrometer)

In an extended sense, these elements may mean "difficult" or "slow".

An instrument used for recording very small changes in atmospheric pressure.
1. Tolerant of a narrow range of atmospheric or hydrostatic pressures.
2. Animals adaptable only to small differences in pressure or altitude.
telebarograph (s) (noun), telebarographs (pl)
A barograph or an instrument used to make a continuous recording of atmospheric pressure which is recorded at a distance by means of electricity.
telebarometer (s) (noun), telebarometers (pl)
A scientific instrument used to measure air pressure: A telebarometer shows tendencies that can forecast short term changes in the weather.
An instrument for recording the pressure of a head of water or other liquid.
1. In physics, an instrument for recording simultaneously the pressure and temperature of a gas; a combination of a thermograph and a barograph.
2. An instrument that simultaneously records variations in temperature as well as atmospheric pressure.