arch-, archi-, -arch

(Greek > Latin: chief, principal leader, first [in position or rank])

I must follow the people. Am I not their leader?
—Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881)
architect (s) (noun), architects (pl)
1. A master-builder, specifically a skilled professor of the art of building: The business of an architect is to prepare the plans of edifices, and exercise a general superintendence over the course of their erection.

A naval architect is one who takes the same part in the construction of ships.
2. One who designs and frames any complex structure: Lisa, an architect, is one of a group of creators who arrange elementary materials on a comprehensive plan.
3. Etymology: from Latin architectus, from Greek arkhitekton, "chief builder" from tekton, "builder".

architectonic (adjective), more architectonic, most architectonic
Of or pertaining to architecture; suited or serviceable for the construction of buildings: The architectonic quality of the design of the house was perfected and was gratefully accepted by the future owners.
architectural (adjective), more architectural, most architectural
Of, relating to, or according to architecture: Germany's architectural heritage is quite different from the early American architectural style of building.
architecturally (adverb), more architecturally, most architecturally
Regarding how something is created or produced regarding the art and science of erecting buildings: Jane was most impressed by the newest innovative and architecturally important work developed by the artists involved with the firm.
architecture (s) (noun), architectures (pl)
1. The art or science of building or constructing edifices of any kind for human use: Regarded in the wide application, architecture is divided into civil, ecclesiastical, naval, and military. They deal respectively with houses and other buildings (such as bridges) of ordinary utility, churches, ships, and fortification

Architecture is sometimes regarded solely as a fine art.
2. The design or structure of a system or method: The improved architecture of the firm will certainly improve the working conditions of the employees and save money at the same time.
3. The special method or "style" in accordance with which the details of the structure and ornamentation of a building are arranged: Mrs. Marshall was very interested in Gothic architecture and visited many old churches in Europe.
4. The conceptual structure and overall logical organization of a computer or computer-based system from the point of view of its use or design: Mr. Hoover didn't like the architecture of his computer, so he bought another one which was more compatible to his needs.

architricline (s) (noun), architriclines (pl)
The president or "ruler" of a feast: The term architricline was the correct name for a rich lord as depicted in a mediaeval legend.
archpastor (s) (noun), archpastos (pl)
A first or supreme pastor: The archpastor is said to be the bishop or the shepherd of the souls of mankind.
archpirate (s) (noun), archpirates (pl)
The chief buccaneer; the first sea robber: In the adventure story Jack was reading, the archpirate was determined to stop the next vessel and steal all the gold off the ship.
archprelate (s) (noun), archprelates (pl)
A very important bishop; archbishop: An archprelate is a high-ranking clergyman with lots of authority and rules over a certain region or over a group of people.
archrebel (s) (noun), archrebels (pl)
A leader of a rebellion; a dissident: In Mr. Marshall's class Sam was certainly the archrebel who didn't observe any of the school rules and always upset the progress of learning in the classroom.
archrival (s) (noun), archrivals (pl)
Someone's most dangerous opponent: The high school's principle archrival in football was the football team of the neighbouring town that had won all the games in the past three years!
archthief (s) (noun), archthieves (pl)
A first or chief crook or robber: The police warned the citizens in the town that Tom, the archthief, and his followers were underway, and to be extremely careful and to be sure to lock all their doors during the day and night.
archtraitor (s) (noun), archtraitors (pl)
A primary traitor, specifically Satan and Judas Iscariot: In some religious faiths, Satan and Judas Iscariot are considered archtraitors based on the stories of their betrayals of others.
archvillain (s) (noun). archvillains (pl)
The ringleader of evildoers or criminals: Doug was the .archvillain in the scary story Mary was reading, and had committed many crimes before finally getting caught by the police.
archvillainy (s) (noun), archvillainies (pl)
A wicked, dangerous, or perfidious act: In the chilling story Lynn was reading, the archvillainy committed in the village was atrocious and the police were looking for the crook day and night.

Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "master, lead, leading, ruler, ruling, govern": -agogic; agon-; -crat; dom-; gov-; magist-; poten-; regi-; tyran-.