-ation, -ization (-iz[e] + -ation); -isation (British spelling variation)

(Greek > Latin: a suffix; action, act, process, state, or condition; or result of doing something)

Although there are over 1,450 word entries ending with -ation or -ization listed in this unit, there are certainly many more which exist in the English language. At any rate, this unit provides a significant number of -ation and -ization examples for you to see.

1. An expression of warm approval; praise; commendation.
2. Official approval or sanction.
3. Obsolete: conclusive proof.
appropriation (s) (noun), appropriations (pl)
approximation (s) (noun), approximations (pl)
aquatic respiration (s) (noun), aquatic respirations (pl)
A reference to the process whereby an aquatic animal obtains oxygen from the surrounding water.
aquation (s) (noun), aquations (pl)
1. The process of forming a complex of water molecules with ions of other molecules.
2. In chemistry, the formation of a complex that contains water by replacement of other coordinated groups in the complex.
arbitration (s) (noun), arbitrations (pl)
A process of settling a dispute or disagreement in which the people, or groups, on both sides present their opinions and ideas to a third party for a decision: The equally qualified applicants for the job agreed to go to arbitration to determine who would be hired for the position.
1. Transformation into a tree or a tree-like structure.
2. The process by which a tree is the "reincarnation" of a human.
arborization, aborisation (British)
1. The development of many branching parts or formations.
2. The appearance or figure of a tree or plant, as in minerals or fossils; a dendrite.
3. The formation of a treelike shape or arrangement.
4. A branching pattern in the termination of a nerve fiber, as of an axon in a central tract, the axon of a free nerve ending in subcutaneous tissue, or a motoneuron in a muscle.
argentation (s) (noun), argentations (pl)
Something that is over layed or covered with a shining white metal that gives a silvery appearance.
argillation (s) (noun), argillations (pl)
In geology, a process by which the weathering of aluminum silicates forms clay minerals: Ted learned about argillation as the development of clay minerals resulting from rocks coming in contact with water, air, or even steam.
argillic alteration (s) (noun), argillic alterations (pl)
A process of rock changes whereby certain minerals in a rock are changed into clay minerals: The students learned about argillic alteration that can take place when specific solid homogeneous inorganic substances are turned into minerals found in clay.
arrogation (s) (noun), arrogations (pl)
1. A claim to, or a seizure, without justification: The university police were condemned for using arrogations to arbitrarily pepper spray the demonstrating students and arresting them when they complained about the pains in their eyes.
2. The unjust assumption of rights, or privileges, to something of which a person does not have rights for or privileges to: The arrogations of the French aristocracy are said to have helped lead to the French Revolution.