-ation, -ization (-iz[e] + -ation); -isation (British spelling variation)

(Greek > Latin: a suffix; action, act, process, state, or condition; or result of doing something)

Although there are over 1,450 word entries ending with -ation or -ization listed in this unit, there are certainly many more which exist in the English language. At any rate, this unit provides a significant number of -ation and -ization examples for you to see.

reanimation (ree an" uh MAY shuhn) (s) (noun), reanimations (pl)
1. The action of restoring to life: After resuscitation, or reanimation, Mr. Charles revived from his apparent death after falling from a tree in his backyard.
2. The fact, or process, of returning to life: The nerve condition in Jane’s legs made her immobile, but after her rehabilitation and reanimation, she slowly made progress so that she could take her first steps after three months of medical treatment!
3. Renewal of vigor or liveliness: Apparently having a good meal gave Thomas the energy and reanimation that he needed in order to proceed with studying for the final exams that were taking place the next day.
recantation (s) (noun), recantations (pl)
1. The act of recalling or a retraction.
2. A declaration that contradicts a former one.
reciprocation (s) (noun), reciprocations (pl)
1. An action or an arrangement that involves two people or groups of people who behave in the same way or agree to help each other and give each other advantages.
2. A returning, usually for something given.
3. A mutual giving and receiving.
4. In prosthodontics, the means by which one part of an appliance is made to counter the effect created by another part.

Prosthodontics refers to a dental specialty concerned with the restoration and maintenance of oral function by the replacement of missing teeth and structures by artificial devices or prostheses.

5. In electronics, a process by which a reciprocal impedance (or network) is derived from a given impedance (or network).
recitation (s) (noun), recitations (pl)
1. The public reading aloud of something, or reciting of something, from memory; especially, poetry.
2. Material read aloud or recited from memory in public; especially, poetry.
3. The act of listing or reporting something.
4. The oral response by a student to questions about previously taught material.
recitation, resuscitation
recitation (res" i TAY shuhn) (noun)
1. The situation of reading out loud: The poet gave a public recitation of her most famous writings.
2. The act or process of enumerating information: When asked by the Mrs. Smart for his report, Tom gave a recitation of the facts about earthquakes.
resuscitation (ri suhs" i TAY shuhn) (noun)
The process by which someone is brought back from a state of unconsciousness: The paramedics were able to provide emergency resuscitation to the patient so he could be transferred to a hospital.

In the middle of Debora's recitation, she suddenly fainted. The paramedics provided resuscitation and she was revived and, amazingly, she was able to complete her recitation.

reclamation (s) (noun), reclamations (pl)
1. An action of protesting; a protest: The reclamation of the opposition by the crowd to the increased taxes was loud and disturbing.
2. A calling or bringing back from wrong-doing; a reformation: The judge ordered the wayward youth to complete 250 hours of working with homeless people as a form of reclamation for his misbehavior with a woman who was begging for money to buy something to eat.
3. Any reprocessing of unusable objects or waste materials that can be utilized again: Jim works for a local company that recycles various kinds of plastics for reclamation so they can produce new products.

Making wild or overgrown land suitable for farming or other human uses is one kind of reclamation or allowing cultivated or altered land to be returned to nature and returning it to its wild state, is another application of reclamation which has become more popular as many people have a greater appreciation for the importance of wild life.

4. The return of something which was lost or taken away: The priest issued an appeal for the reclamation of the missing religious statues which were apparently taken from the church.
recommendation (s) (noun), recommendations (pl)
1. A proposition in favor of a certain action, particularly one presented by an official person, group, or institution: The car company made a recommendation to the car owner, Miss Jackson, to have her car inspected once a year to make sure that it was safe to drive.
2: Something, like a letter, that favorably mentions the qualifications or characters of a person: Joyce was ecstatic when she received the recommendations from her college which she can present to her employer when she goes back to work next week.
1. An activity that refreshes and recreates.
2. An activity that renews one's health and spirits with enjoyment and relaxation.
3. The refreshment of the mind and body after work; especially, by engaging in enjoyable activities.
4. An activity that a person takes part in for pleasure or relaxation rather than as work.

Recreation should renew a person, it should recreate each of us.

rectification (rek" tuh fi KAY shuhn) (s) (noun), rectifications (pl)
1. Something that is corrected or made right by editing a written report or making the best adjustments to objects: There were not enough chairs for everyone to sit on at the concert, so a rectification was made by providing more seats for all of those who were attending.
2. A procedure that involves decontaminating or cleaning a material: Rectification can be described as the process of removing impure substances from oil, metals, sugar, etc.
recuperation (s) (noun), recuperations (pl)