-ation, -ization (-iz[e] + -ation); -isation (British spelling variation)

(Greek > Latin: a suffix; action, act, process, state, or condition; or result of doing something)

Although there are over 1,450 word entries ending with -ation or -ization listed in this unit, there are certainly many more which exist in the English language. At any rate, this unit provides a significant number of -ation and -ization examples for you to see.

horripilation (s) (noun), horripilations (pl)
A process of causing goose bumps: Sean and Ingrid experienced horripilations, or the erections of bristling body hairs, because of fear resulting from the strong winter winds and snowstorms as they were trying to get home.
hortation (s) (noun), hortations (pl)
1. The addition of moisture to the air, thereby increasing the latent heat.
2. The process of making an area moist or of increasing the moisture content; especially in the air.
1. The act of combining or causing to combine with water.
2. The condition of being combined with water.
Galvanic stimulation of a portion of the body immersed in water.
1. Intravenous feeding that provides patients with all essential nutrients when they are unable to feed themselves.
2. A program of parenteral administration of all nutrients for patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction; called also total parenteral alimentation (TPA) and total parenteral nutrition (TPN).

Although the term hyperalimentation is commonly used to designate total or supplemental nutrition by intravenous feedings, it is not technically correct inasmuch as the procedure does not involve an "abnormally increased or excessive amount of feeding".

3. The ingestion, or eating, of excessive quantities of food, etc.; such as, bulimia and binge eating (uncontrolled ingestion of large quantities of food in a given amount of time, often with a sense of lack of control over the activity.

It is sometimes followed by forcing oneself to vomit, or purging through use of laxatives.

Induced hyperemia (an increase in the volume of blood) for therapeutic purposes.
The intake of more nutrients than are required for good health.
The excessive development or retention of keratin by the epidermis.
Too much pigment resulting in dark spots on the skin.

Hyperpigmentation is primarily a cosmetic concern that can be covered with make-up, although in some cases; such as, the café au lait spots associated with neurofibromatosis, it can be a sign of an underlying medical problem.

If treatment of hyperpigmentation is desired, a dermatologist may be able to use dermabrasion, laser treatments, or bleaching agents to effect changes.

hypersensitization (s) (noun), hypersensitizations (pl)
A condition in which someone has an excessive response to something or a significant pain, etc.: Kathryn's hypersensitization to certain bodily positions required by her dance instructor resulted in a decision not to become a professional dancer.
Excessive stimulation of a bodily organ or part.