acid-, acidi-, acido-, -acidity

(Latin: sour [sharp])

semiacid (adjective) (not comparable)
Referring to something slightly acid: Ruth wanted to have some fruit that was semiacid in order to make delicious preserves.
sialic acid (s) (noun), sialic acids (pl)
Any of a group of amino carbohydrates that are components of mucoproteins and glycoproteins, especially in animal tissue and blood cells: Siatic acids reduce amido acids that are essentially carbohydrates and are found especially as components of blood glycoproteins and mucoproteins.

A few serious diseases rely on the proximity of, or the lack of some enzymes connected to the metabolism of sialic acids.

subacid (adjective), more subacid, most subacid
Concerning something moderately acidic: The fruit known as the ogeechee lime has a subacid taste and has less than the normal proportion of acid.
subacidity (s) (noun) (no pl)
Something that is slightly acid: Roy's doctor told him that he had a condition of subacidity, or a deficiency of acid in the gastric juices of his stomach, perhaps caused by eating more flesh-foods than was good for him.
superacid, superacidity (s) (noun); superacids; superacidities (pl)
Excessively acid: James Bryant Conant created the name superacid in 1927 to describe those acids that were much stronger than standard mineral acids.
superacidic (adjective), more superacidic, most superacidic
Overly acidic: A superacidic solution of a potent acid in an acidic solvent acts as a strong protonating medium.
thermoacidophile (s) (noun), thermoacidophiles (pl)
One of the archaebacteria that grows in hot sulfur springs at low pH: A thermoacidophile is an extremophilic microorganism that is thermophilic as well as acidophilic and can be located in vents on the seafloor or in other geothermal activity.
triacid (adjective) (not comparable)
Referring the ability to react with three molecules of a nonbasic acid: Glycerin is a triacid base that has three hydrogen atoms that may be acid radicals.
uricacidemia, uricacidaemia (s) (noun); uricacidemias; uricacidaemias (pl)
An excess of uric acid in the blood; lithemia: After Dr. Dawson anazlized Lance's blood sample, he told him that he had a condition of uricacidemia, which meant that there were white odorless crystalline products of protein metabolism in his blood.
uricaciduria (s) (noun) (no pl)
Excess uric acid or urates in the urine: Because Meg noticed a change in her bodily functions, she went to her doctor who, after analysing a blood sample, said that she suffered from uricaciduria, a kind of blood disorder that should be treated immediately.
urinacidometer (s) (noun), urinacidometers (pl)
An instrument for estimating the pH of urine: Dr. Smart showed an urinacidometer to the students in his seminar and explained what it was used for.
uroacidimeter (s) (noun), uroacidimeters (pl)
An instrument for measuring the acidity of urine: A uroacidimeter is a device for estimating the amount of acidity in a person's urine.

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "sour, sharp": acerb-; acies- (not "sour"); acuto- (not "sour"); oxy-; pung- (not "sour").