(Latin: a suffix; expressing capacity, fitness to do that which can be handled or managed, suitable skills to accomplish something; capable of being done, something which can be finished, etc.)

A suffix that forms adjectives. The suffix -ible has related meanings; expressing ability, capacity, fitness; capable of, fit for, able to be done, can be done, inclined to, tending to, given to.

This list is only a small sample of the thousands of -able words that exist in English.

1. Impossible to imagine.
2. Totally unlikely: impossible, inconceivable, out of the question.
1. Impossible to discredit or to challenge.
2. So good as to be beyond reproach.
3. Completely acceptable; not open to exception or to reproach.
4. Free of guilt; not subject to blame.
Not capable of improvement, melioration, or advancement to a better condition.
unjustifiable (adjective)
1. Impossible to excuse, to pardon, or to justify; not justifiable.
2. Incapable of being justified or explained.
unmarketable (adjective), more unmarketable, most unmarketable
Referring to something which is not suitable or fit for sale: All the flowers in the shop were either dying or totally wilted, and so they were unmarketable and couldn't be purchased by the customers.
unmitigable (adjective), more unmitigable, most unmitigable
Incapable of being mitigated: Mark scolded his child with stern and unmitigable accusations of doing wrong things.
unpalatable, unpalatability, unpalatably
1. Not pleasant, agreeable, or acceptable to the taste or mind; for example, "We had an unpalatable meal at that restaurant."
2. Not tasting good: having an unpleasant taste.
3. Disagreeable or unacceptable; obnoxious: "I can not tolerate his unpalatable behavior."
unpalliable (adjective), more unpalliable, most unpalliable
A reference to being incapable of being mitigated, made easier, or relieving.
unpayable (adjective)
1. Services without payment: "They served in an unpayable volunteer fire department."
3. Engaged in as a pastime and so not payable; such as, an amateur painter which was unpayable.
3. Incapable of getting payment: "The bill was unpayable because we couldn't find the person who bought the dress."
1. Not suitable for drinking.
2. Not safe for, or not fit for, drinking.
unpredictable (adjective), more unpredictable, most unpredictable
A reference to anything that is impossible to prepare for in advance or to know before it happens: "Examples of things that are too difficult to foretell or to foresee include: unpredictable test results, unpredictable weather, or unpredictable behavior."