(Latin: a suffix; expressing capacity, fitness to do that which can be handled or managed, suitable skills to accomplish something; capable of being done, something which can be finished, etc.)

A suffix that forms adjectives. The suffix -ible has related meanings; expressing ability, capacity, fitness; capable of, fit for, able to be done, can be done, inclined to, tending to, given to.

This list is only a small sample of the thousands of -able words that exist in English.

innumerable (adjective), more innumerable, most innumerable
Incapable of being summed up; not to be totaled up: The innumerable stars in the sky are obviously just too many to be calculated.

Regardless of what government officials claim, there are innumerable people in the world.

inoculable, inoculability
1. Capable of being inoculated.
2. Capable of communicating disease, or of being communicated, by inoculation.
3. Susceptible to a disease transmitted by inoculation or transmissible by inoculation.
4. That which can be used in an inoculation .
1. Too far advanced for effective surgery. A description of a medical condition that has advanced to a stage at which surgical intervention would serve no useful purpose.
2. Not practical; not practical or workable.
inquirable (adjective), more inquirable, most inquirable
Relating to something that is investigated or researched; such as, the facts of a legal case: Jeff, the legal assistant, studied all of the inquirable facts of the fraud investigation while preparing briefs and documents for the court.
insatiable (adjective), more insatiable, most insatiable
A reference to wanting as much of something as possible: Monroe has an insatiable desire to get over the pains that he has been suffering since his accident.
Unable to be satified.
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Not capable of having enough.
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Greedy for more.
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Capable of being written or engraved; such as signs, words, names, etc.
inscrutable (adjective), more inscrutable, most inscrutable
1. A reference to being impossible or too difficult to be explained or perceived: The inscrutable financial report by the company was too obscure and too vague for the tax accountants to figure out.

The police psychiatrist could not understand the killer's inscrutable motives.

2. Mysterious, unfathomable, or physically impenetrable: The teacher spoke so softly that sometimes his lectures were inscrutable by most students.
Incapable of being understood.
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Completely obscure or mysterious.
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Incomprehensible or unpredictable.
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insoluble, insolvable, insolvent
insoluble (in SAHL yuh buhl) (adjective)
1. Characterized by having no explanation or answer: The mathematics problem appeared to the students to be insoluble, so they asked their professor for help.
2. Referring to something which is impossible, or practically impossible, to dissolve in a liquid: The mixture appeared to be insoluble under those test tube conditions.
insolvable (in SAHL vuh buhl) (adjective)
Regarding something which has no solution or answer; not explainable: Ingrid reached an insolvable stalemate while playing her computer solitaire game.
insolvent (in SAHL vuhnt) (adjective)
Concerning the situation of not having sufficient funds to pay debts as they come due; bankrupt; unable to pay an obligation or something that was borrowed: The man was humiliated by having to admit to being insolvent when speaking with his creditors.

Bruce's company became insolvent the previous week.

When the company became insolvent, the directors felt that the situation was insoluble in terms of reporting to the investors; finally, the directors' report was released and it revealed that the status of the company was insolvable.

insufferable (adjective), more insufferable, most insufferable
1. Pertaining to conditions or people who are too unpleasant to deal with or to accept; intolerable, and difficult to get along with: Laurie exclaimed that the persisting heat wave was insufferable and she could hardly wait for winter to come again.

Laurenda felt that her supervisor was insufferable because he was always interfering with her work without consulting or discussing it with her.

Nina said she couldn't take any more of her neighbor's insufferable arrogance of playing his TV so loudly almost every night after midnight.

2. Descriptive of a situation in which a person finds it impossible to endure what is going on: Uriah was experiencing an insufferable agony and sadness during the funeral for his wife.
Unbearable and intolerable.
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insuperable (adjective), more insuperable, most insuperable
A reference to being incapable of dealing with successfully or overcoming; unbeatable: The weather suddenly became an insuperable barrier to getting back home as early as Mike and his family had planned.

Jim's less experienced football team won the championship despite the insuperable odds presented by the more successful team.

Relating to being incapable of being overcome.
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Descriptive of being unable to conquer.
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insupportable (adjective), more insupportable, most insupportable
Descriptive of something that cannot be tolerated or which is inexcusable: The long, rambling, radical speeches at the event were insupportable.
insurable (adjective), more insurable, most insurable
insurmountable (in" sur MOUN tuh b'l)
1. Something which cannot be passed over, overcome, or conquered; such as, "an insurmountable obstacle", or "an insurmountable task".
2. Impossible to surmount; insuperable; unachievable: "He had insurmountable difficulties getting back into his house; so he had to call a locksmith."