(Latin: a suffix; expressing capacity, fitness to do that which can be handled or managed, suitable skills to accomplish something; capable of being done, something which can be finished, etc.)

A suffix that forms adjectives. The suffix -ible has related meanings; expressing ability, capacity, fitness; capable of, fit for, able to be done, can be done, inclined to, tending to, given to.

This list is only a small sample of the thousands of -able words that exist in English.

deportable (adjective), more deportable, most deportable
Subject to or punishable by being exiled or ordered to leave a specific location: Henry's deportable status as an illegal immigrant was in the process of being appealed by his lawyer in court.
deprivable (adjective), more deprivable, most deprivable
1. Susceptible of something being withheld: Since Mr. and Mrs. Poor couldn't pay their bills, the electricity was deprivable and they were denied the use of it.
2. Liable to be deposed: In the story Mary was reading, the position of the king was deprivable and he was ousted and put to death.
derivable (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Relating to that which may be drawn, or received, as from some source: Mary learned in her English class at school that many words were derivable from the Latin and Greek languages.
2. A reference to anything that can be received from ancestors: A derivable estate often comes from a relative.
describable (adjective), more describable, most describable
Pertaining to an account of something when details of its characteristics are available: The police asked Henry to give a describable report of how the accident happened, with as many facts and particulars as possible.
designable (adjective), more designable, most designable
1. Identifiable, distinguishable: It was probable that the three sections of the plot were designable by using the same expression.
2. Subject to being represented in a graphic form: The idea of what the building was to look like was designable for sure, and so plans were being created on a computer.
desirable (adjective), more desirable, most desirable
1. Referring to something worth having or doing: The more desirable and valuable items the store was offering were located inside for many customers.
2. The capacity of having pleasing characteristics: The young lady who was invited to Mr. and Mrs. Smart's luncheon was a very desirable person who was beautiful and had a lovely way of conversing with other guests.
desirable, desirable, desirous
desirable (di ZIGHR uh b'l) (noun)
Something or someone that draws favourable attention: The desirable that Irving admired on the table was the tasty dish of food.
desirable (di ZIGHR uh b'l) (adjective)
Referring to something which is pleasing or valuable: Diamonds are considered a desirable investment.
desirous (di ZIGHR uhs) (adjective)
Characterized by a wish to have something: Jana was desirous of making a good impression during the job interview.

Wendy is desirous of acquiring that desirable piece of property down by the river.

despicable (adjective), more despicable, most despicable
A reference to being vile, contemptible, and deserving to be despised: The soldier was considered by those who knew him to be a despicable traitor.
Mean and vile and deserving contempt.
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destroyable (adjective), more destroyable, most destroyable
1. Capable of reducing an object to useless fragments, a useless form, or remains: The glass vase was destroyable as it turned out when it fell on the floor and the pieces were scattered around.
2. That which can be injured beyond repair or renewal; demolishable; ruinable; annihilable: The house proved to be destroyable as was shown by the results of the tornado.
detectable (adjective), more detectable, most detectable
1. Disposed to being discovered or perceived: When Susan talked with her friend, there was a certain detectable coolness in her friend's behavior.
2. Capable of being perceived by the senses or the mind; discernible: The strong odor in the fridge was certainly detectable and Joan thought it might be fish.
determinable (adjective), more determinable, most determinable
1. Pertaining to something that can be exactly defined, described, measured, etc.: The velocity of the wind is a determinable factor which is important for airline pilots to recognize.
2. A reference to the ability to firmly decide or to definitely ascertain something: A readily determinable market value was provided by Mr. Stevens, the economist.
detestable (adjective), more detestable, most detestable
Descriptive of something or of someone that deserves intense dislike or revulsion: The detestable and abhorrent behavior of the criminal was beyond belief!
devitrifiable (adjective), more devitrifiable, most devitrifiable
The capability of transforming molten glassy matter into a stony mass by slowly cooling: The result of this devitrifiable process is the formation of crystallites, microbites, etc, in the glassy base, which are then called devitrification products.

The procedure involves devitrifiable glass becoming partly crystallized as it cools very slowly from the molten state.

Devitrification may also occur on the surface as a result of unsuccessful "annealing"* or accidental heating to a high temperature. It is not caused by chemical reaction between glass and its environment, which is known as "weathering".

*Annealing refers to the process of slowly cooling a completed object in an auxiliary part of a glass furnace, or in a separate furnace.

This is an integral part of glassmaking because if a hot glass object is allowed to cool too quickly, it will be highly strained by the time it reaches room temperature and indeed, it may break as it cools. Highly strained glasses break easily if subjected to mechanical or thermal shock.

diminishable (adjective), more diminishable, most diminishable
1. Relating to something that can be reduced in size, quantity, importance, or intensity: The significance of the source and the value of the assets are diminishable and can dwindle with time.
2. Descriptive of someone or something that is decreased or lessened: Mrs. Smith's reputation as a mayor in the town was proven diminishable due to her disgraceful and scandalous behavior towards the members of the school staff.
disagreeable (adjective), more disagreeable, most disagreeable
1. Prone to being ill-natured or difficult: The old man seemed very disagreeable, rude, and irritable when he was asked to stop smoking his pipe in the waiting room.
2. Disposed to being unpleasant to the senses or feelings: The disagreeable smell evidently came from his sweaty shirt after wearing it for a whole week!