(Latin: suffix; expressing ability, capacity, fitness, or "that which may be easily handled or managed")

Just a few examples out of hundreds of words presented as the noun forms of -able; forming nouns of quality from, or corresponding to, adjectives in -able; the quality in an agent that makes an action possible. The suffix -ible has related meanings.

manageably (adverb), more manageably, most manageably
Regarding how a person or something can be controlled or dealt with: Gary told his son that the problems he had in school were manageably possible to solve and improve if he paid more attention to his schoolwork instead of playing games on his computer so often.
measurability (s) (noun), measurabilities (pl)
The susceptibility or quality of being quantified: The measurability of important things for architects include heat, structure, sound, and light.
mensurability (s) (noun) (no pl)
The capability of being gauged or calculated: The mensurability, or the measurability, of the estimated value of oil was certainly noticeable during the time of the pandemic.
morphological stability (s) (noun) (no pl)
The property of a material relating to the dynamics of the spontaneous shape of the interface that separates phases during a phase transformation.
movability (s) (noun), movabilities (pl)
1. The potential of an object that can be transported; portability: The movability of the insect screen was important for taking off during the winter months.
2. The possibility of a calendar date to be altered for a holiday: The movability of Easter is calculated by the phases of the moon!
3. In law, the personal chattel which can be carried: Mr. Smith received some movability through his inheritance, but he wasn't willed any land!
navigability (s) (noun), navigabilities (pl)
1. The quality of a waterway being piloted or maneuvered: The navigability of some of the large ships on the rivers was no longer good because the rivers had dried out making traveling too dangerous.
2. The suitability of a route or road for vehicles: Jack and Jill studied the map first to see if the navigability was possible for them to travel on with their car.
3. The capability of moving around on a website: Jack found the navigability on one particular internet site quite good, easy, and very usable.
negotiability (s) (noun), negotiabilities (pl)
A situation that is transferable with a signature: Sam was told to keep his financial bonds in a safe place because their negotiabilities could be cashed in by anyone who got access to them.
nonconstruability (s) (noun), nonconstruabilities (pl)
1. The unableness of interpreting something or assigning a meaning to: The essay that Susan wrote was full of nonconstruabilities, all of which the teacher could make no sense of.
2. The incapability of deducing by inference or interpretation: Doug tried to decipher Jane's intentions from her gestures, but the situation ended up being one of nonconstruability.
notability (s) (noun), notabilities (pl)
1. A prominent individual who is an inspiration to others: At the opening of the concert series there were quite a number of notabilities present, all dressed up with their exquisite and expensive eveningwear.
2. The quality of being impressive or extraordinary: Although the town is rather small, its notability and fame extends throughout the country.
operability (s) (noun), operabilities (pl)
The ability or extent of keeping a device or piece of equipment in a reliable working condition: The operability of the computer can be guaranteed only if it is not dropped, thrown around or immersed in water!
operable (adjective), more operable, most operable
1. Regarding a situation in which the functionality is possible: After the fire in the building, there was only one operable machine left while all the others had been destroyed.

The salesman told Jim that the car radio would be operable even if the engine was turned off.
2. Pertaining to the possibility of putting something into practice: doable: After talking about the day's activities, Jill and Thomas figured out an operable plan of getting everything done without stress.
3. Relating to the treatment by a surgical procedure with a reasonable degree of safety and chance of success: Dr. Hathaway told Mrs. Green that the kind of cancer she had was operable and very simple to remove and that she shouldn't be frightened or worried at all.

palpability (s) (noun), palpabilities (pl)
The quality of being perceivable or obvious by touching: The palpability or tangibility of Pamela's fingers proved to be of great value when she noticed the exact temperature to be correct for bathing her baby.
patentability (s) (noun), patentabilities (pl)
The potential of an invention being protected by law: The patentability of Mr. Smart's device for making tiny loudspeakers would give him the possibility of making, using, and selling it for at least one year.
peccable (PEK uh buhl) (adjective), more peccable, most peccable
Descriptive of the perpetration of sinful or wrongful acts: History has many examples of peccable crimes that have resulted from wars which have caused a great deal of suffering for the soldiers and those innocent civilians who were not involved in the battles.
Relating to sinning or a temptation to do wrong.
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permeability (s) (noun), permeabilities (pl)
The characteristic of something that can be penetrated by a liquid: The gravel walkway up to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Black had much more permeability than the neighbours walkway which was made of stone.