zymo-, zym-, -zyme, -zymic

(Greek: ferment, fermentation; leavenl; a leavening agent, a leavening catalyst)

zymoid (adjective), more zymoid, most zymoid
Resembling an organized ferment: In biochemistry, the adjective zymoid is rarely used and is supposed to appear like an enzyme.
zymologic (adjective), more zymologic, most zymologic
A reference to zymurgy or the chemistry of fermentation: After completing school, Tim was interested in starting his career in the zymologic field of making wine, or brewing and distilling.
zymologist (s) (noun), zymologists (pl)
Someone who specializes in the branch of chemistry concerned with fermentation: A zymologist is skilled in making wine, brewing, or distilling alcoholic beverages and so it is necessary that he or she has a knowledge of the techniques in the breaking down of organic substances into simpler ones.
zymology (s) (noun) (no pl)
1. The branch of chemistry concerned with the properties and actions of enzymes: Since June lived in a grape growing section of the country, she was very interested in studying zymology so she could take over the winery of her parents.
2. The chemistry of fermentation: Zymology deals with the biochemical processes involved in fermentation, with yeast selection and physiology, as well as with the practical issues of beer and wine making.

Fermentation can be simply defined in zymology as the conversion of sugar molecules into ethanol and carbon dioxide with yeast.

zymolysis (s) (noun) (no pl)
The decomposition caused by the action of enzymes; zymosis: Susan was interested in zymolysis concerning the transformation of organic substances by an agent into simpler ones, especially as seen by the breakdown of sugar into alcohol.
zymolytic (adjective), more zymolytic, most zymolytic
Referring to that which causes fermentation; zymotic: The zymolytic reaction stimulated by an enzyme was explained in Susan's chemistry class.
zymometer (s) (noun), zymometers (pl)
A device for measuring the degree of fermentation; zymosimeter: The zymometer is an instrument to determine the efficiency of the breakdown of organic substances of yeast into smaller ones by calculating the amount of carbon dioxide produced from a certain amount of sugar.
zymoplastic (adjective), more zymoplastic, most zymoplastic
Characteristic of enzyme-production: A zymoplastic substance, such as a proenzyme, can be converted into a complex protein.
zymoprotein (s) (noun), zymoproteins (pl)
Any protein that also functions as an enzyme: Nancy found out that a zymoprotein can also perform or act as an organic compound produced by cells and which behaves as a catalyst.
zymosan (s) (noun), zymosans (pl)
A substance obtained from yeast cells: A zymosan neutralises certain harmful actions by preventing their union with an antibody.
zymoscope (s) (noun), zymoscopes (pl)
An apparatus for determining the fermenting power of yeast; zymometer; zymosimeter: A zymoscope is a device to measure the amount of carbonic acid which has developed from a given quantity of sugar.
zymosimeter (s) (noun), zymosimeters (pl)
An instrument used to measure the extent of fermentation: A zymosimeter is used in order to determine the degree of organic substances breaking down into smaller ones caused by the mixture of various fluids and the degree of heat necessary for this process.
zymosis (s) (noun), zymoses (pl)
1. Fermentation; zymolysis: Zymosis explains the kind of fermentation needed especially in the production of ale whereby the temperature is high enough to let the yeast cells rise to the top of the liquid, and is known as "top fermentation".
2. Any infectious disease: Zymosis describes a contagious illness, especially one brought about by a fungus.
3. The development or spread of an infectious disease: It can be considered that the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a zymosis, is very virulent, and since March 2020 is raging throughout the world, and can be deadly.
zymosterol (s) (noun), zymosterols (pl)
A white crystalline sterol obtained from yeast fat: Zymosterol is closely related to ergosterol and yields cholesterol on hydrogenation.
zymosthenic (adjective), more zymosthenic, most zymosthenic
A reference to an agent that strengthens the activity of an enzyme: In her class at school, Judy learned that there was a zymosthenic medium or force that reinforced the action of a complex protein.