xeno-, xen-, -xenic, -xenism, -xenist, -xenous, -xeny

(Greek: foreign, foreigner; alien; different; extraneous; strange, stranger; and by extension, guest)

The "x" in xeno- is pronounced "z"; "zeno". Greeks are said to have considered any stranger a "guest" and modern Greek includes xenodocheion a "guest house" or "house for guests" or its modern version of "hotel".

The etymological meaning usually denotes some aspect of a relationship involving guests or visitors of some kind.

homoxeny, homoxenous
1. Requiring only one host in the life cycle; said of certain parasites.
2. Different parasites occupying the same host splecies.
lipoxenous, lipoxeny
1. A reference to a parasite that leaves its host after feeding and has secured adequate nourishment.
2. Deserting its host; said of certain parasitic fungi which after a time quit the plant which served as a host for them.
1. Having more than one host; said of a parasite passing different stages of its life cycle in different animals.
2. Parasitic existence on different hosts at different stages in life-history; also, metoecious and heteroecious.
misoxene (s) (noun), misoxenes (pl)
A pathological hater of strangers: Merlin was a misoxene who avoided going anyplace where there were people he didn't know; so, he made arrangements with a company to perform his work at home and not in an office with other people.
Anyone who hates strangers and who doesn't want anything to do with them.
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misoxenist (s) (noun), misoxenists (pl)
Something or someone that feels hostility or animosity towards strangers: A misoxenist simply will not tolerate anyone who is neither a friend nor an acquaintance.

Even pets; such as, dogs or cats, will attack strangers because such people are despised and not welcome.

A cat sees the postal lady, who is a stranger, approaching the door.
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When the lady is about to leave some mail, the cat would attack her.
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The scenes above represent an actual attack by a cat upon a postwoman in Germany in early 2002; because, whenever she tried to deliver a man's mail the cat would jump out and bite and claw her.

The owner of the misoxenist had to pick up his mail at a neighborhood bar because he refused to restrict the freedom of his cat to come and go whenever it wanted to do so.

misoxeny (s) (noun), misoxenies (pl)
A strong preference to stay away from unknown people and to avoid foreigners: As a result of his misoxeny, Mike refused to go the hospital if he had to share a room with strangers; so, he insisted on having a private room!
A mixed culture of an organism with one prey speicies.
monoxeny, monoxenous
A reference to a parasite that is restricted or which utilizes a single host species during its life cycle.
Furnishing both food and shelter for ants.
myrmecoxenous, myrmecoxeny
A reference of plants that provide both food and shelter for ants and termites.
1. A reference to parasites that utilize a few host species during their life cycles.
2. Parasites adapted to life in only a few species of hosts.
An inflammatory reaction to a foreign body implanted in an organ or tissue of the body.
One who is fond of or who is happiest when entertaining strangers.
pleioxenous, pleioxeny
A reference to a parasite that is not host specific, or a parasite that has several hosts during its life cycle.

Related "foreign, strange" word families: allotrio-; barbar-.