volan-, vola-, volat-

(Latin: to fly; flying; flies; fleeting; rapid, fast, quickly)

volitant (adjective), more volitant, most volitant
1. Referring to something which is able to fly: While in the garden, little Susi watched the volitant butterflies flitting and fluttering among the flowers in her front yard .
2. Descriptive of someone or those who move quickly, rapidly, or swiftly: At Shirley's birthday party, there was a volitant couple who were spinning around at full speed as they were dancing!
3. Etymology: from Latin volitans, volitant-; from volitare, "to fly to and fro"; from volare, "to fly."
Resembling someone who is moving above ground level.
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1. The act, or power, of flying; flight.
2. The ability to fly.
1. Simultaneous discharge of several missiles.
2. The missiles thus discharged.
3. A bursting forth.
4. A shot, especially in tennis, made by hitting the ball before it touches the ground (while it's still "flying").
5. Etymology: from 1573, "discharge of a number of guns at once", from Middle French (c.1400-c.1600) volee, "flight" (about the 12th century); from Vulgar Latin volta; from Latom volatum; from volare, "to fly".

In the sporting sense (originally in tennis) is from the notion of hitting the ball in "flight". "Volleyball" is from about 1896.

1. To glide toward the earth in an airplane with the engine turned off.
2. To move by gliding or to travel, or to move, by gliding.