viva-, vivi-, vivo-, viv-

(Latin: life, alive)

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.
—Soren Kierkegaard
Viva voce. (Latin)
Translation: "With the living voice; by word of mouth."

Speaking with the living voice. A viva voce examination is one in which the respondent gives spoken answers instead of written responses.

vivacious (adjective), more vivacious, most vivacious
Pertaining to something, or someone, filled with animation and spirit: Kathy had the most vivacious personality of all the girls in the class, being very lively, cheerful, and full of life!
Full of spirit and liveliness.
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Full of life and merriness.
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In a vivacious manner or characterized by liveliness and high-spiritedness.
Full of animation and spirit; lively.
vivacity (s) (noun), vivacities (pl)
The quality of being filled with liveliness, animation, and spirit: Stella flew into the room with such vivacity and energy and could hardly wait to tell her parents the good news which set everyone in a state of high-spiritedness and joy!
vivarium (s) (noun), vivaria (pl)
1. Specifically constructed enclosures designed to simulate the natural habitat of plants or animals, intended to facilitate the observation and study of vegetation and/or creatures: Among the Latin scholars in Aaron's high school, the local zoo was referred to as the town vivarium.
2. An artificial habitat for the study of small animals, typically made of a glass or transparent material: The vivarium in Jim's classroom was made of a discarded aquarium and was used as a formicarium so the students could study the habitat and habits of ants.
3. A place in which animals are housed, particularly animals used in medical research: The antivivisectionists regularly picketed the university vivarium, protesting the use of animals in medical research.
Man has a vivarium for fish in his home.
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Here's an example of someone who is enjoying his vivariums in his home.

A place where living things are kept; such as, a park, on land; or in the water of a pond.
viva-voce, word-of-mouth
Expressed orally or with a living voice.
1. Long live, that is, success to; as, vive le roi, "long live the king"; vive la bagatelle, "success to trifles or sport".
2. Lively; animated; forcible.
Vive hodie.
Live today.

Don't count on living tomorrow. Vive hodie!

Vive, vale.
Live, be well.

Farewell. Also presented as: Vive valeque, "Live and be well."

vivication (s) (noun), vivications (pl)
The production of powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind; such as, a vivid description.
1. Presenting the appearance, freshness, spirit, etc., of life; realistic.
2. Strong, distinct, or clearly perceptible.
3. Forming distinct, lifelike, and striking mental images.
4. Etymology: from Latin vividus, "spirited, animated, lively", from vivus, "alive".
vividiffusion (s) (noun), vividiffusions (pl)
A term that has been used for a method of in which circulating blood can be submitted to dialysis outside the body and returned to the circulation of the body without exposure to air or to any noxious conditions: Normally, vividiffusion is the process of cleansing the blood by passing it through a special machine; a procedure that can be a substitute for many of the normal duties of the kidneys.
Characterized by forming distinct, lifelike, and striking mental images.

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