vir-, viri-, virtu-

(Latin: man, manliness, manhood; masculine; husband)

A reference to or a descriptive term for a loud-voiced, ill-tempered, scolding woman.
virago (s); viragoes, viragos (pl)
1. An offensive term which deliberately insults a woman by suggesting that her aggressive temperament or behavior is violent, noisy, and/or scolding.
3. A noisy or scolding or domineering woman.
2. An archaic term for a woman who is strong, brave, and aggressive.
viricide, viricidal
The killing of a man; such as, a husband or any male.
1. Of, belonging to, or characteristic of a man; manly, masculine; marked by strength or force.
2. Characteristic of male sex.
virilescence, virilescent
1. The condition of becoming virile, specifically of assuming physical characteristics of a male.
2. A condition of some animals, and especially of some fowls, in which the female, when old, assumes some of the characteristics of the male of the species.
The male genitals.
To make virile or manly.
virilism, virilization
1. A form of hermaphroditism.
2. The state of a female having some male sexual characteristics.
A hearty, excessively "manly" person; one who makes a cult of conventional masculine virtues.
The period of life during which a person of the male sex is in full vigor; mature or fully developed manhood or masculine force.
virilization, virilized
The pathological development of male sexual characteristics, especially in a female.
1. Pertaining to or designating a woman's residence after marriage in the domicile of her husband.
2. A wife living with the husband's family after the marriage.

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