vinc-, vict-, -vince, -vincible, -vincibility +

(Latin: conquer, overcome)

1. The expulsion of someone; such as, a tenant, from the possession of land by the process of law.
2. Action by a landlord that compels a tenant to leave the premises (as by rendering the premises unfit for occupancy); no physical expulsion or legal process is involved.
Someone who recovers (property) from a person by a legal process.
1. To show or to demonstrate clearly; to manifest.
2. To indicate something by action or by implication.
3. Etymology: from French evincer, "disprove, confute"; from Latin evincere "to conquer, to elicit by argument, tp prove"; from ex-, "out" + vincere, "to overcome, to conquer".
The act of evincing or proving, or the state of being evinced or displayed clearly.
That which is capable of being shown clearly, made evident, or manifested.
That which is capable of being proven or clearly brought to light; demonstrable.
Fortitudo et justitia invictae sunt.
Fortitude and justice are invincible.
Fugam victoria nescit.
Victory knows no retreat.

The motto of King Albrecht I of Habsburg, Germany (1298-1308).

In bono vince.
Conquer by good.

Motto of St. Lawrence College, Ramsgate, U.K.

1. Unconquered, undefeated.
2. A popular poem from the late nineteenth century by the English author William Ernest Henley.
A condition in which it is difficult or impossible to be defeated or subdued.
1. Incapable of being overcome, defeated, or subdued.
2. Too strong or skillful to ever be defeated.
3. To great or difficult so as to be impossible to overcome.
4. Too deep-rooted or ingrained to be altered.
Labor omnia vincit.
Perseverance [Work] overcomes all difficulties.

Motto of Centenary College of Louisiana, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA; and the State of Oklahoma, USA.

The phrase/motto is a shortened form of Virgil's statement in his Georgics: Labor omnia vicit improbus, "Never-ending work conquered all things."

It is said that Virgil was describing the harshness of life following the Golden Age, when the earth had yielded its fruits without labor. Jupiter then decided to change everything, making life hard so mankind would learn and become independent.

Omnia vincit amor.
Love conquers everything.
Perseverantia omnia vincit.
Perseverance conquers all things.