vid-, video-, vis-, -vision, -visional, -visionally, visuo-, vu-

(Latin: videre, "to see"; plus words with other related meanings: to notice, noticing, noticed; observe, observing, observed; look, looking, looked; perceive, perceiving, perceived, perception; see, seeing, saw, seen, sight; view, viewing, viewed; manifest, manifesting, manifested; reveal, revealing, revealed, revelelation)

Although many of the words in this unit seem to be from other Latin origins, all of them are etymologically derived from the main Latin videre, "to see" element.

1. The wisdom, care, and guidance believed to be provided by God.
2. God perceived as a caring force guiding humankind>
3. Good judgment and foresight in the management of one's affairs or resources.
4. Etymology: "foresight, prudent anticipation", from Old French providence in about the 12th century; from Latin providentia, "foresight, precaution"; from providentem, providens, providere; from pro-, "ahead" + videre, "to see" .
provident (adjective), more provident, most provident
1. Characterized by preparing for future needs or events: There are some provident people who not only live for the present, but who are also getting ready for the coming years.
2. Relating to being economical or frugal in the use of one's resources: No matter how young we are, we should all consider having provident plans for what might happen in our later lives.
Preparing or providing for the future.
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1. Relating to, characteristic of, or presumed to proceed from or as if from divine providence which characterizes God or a deity.
2. Happening as if through divine intervention.
3. So favorable that it seems determined by providence, a manifestation of God's foresightful care for His creatures.
A reference to something that happens as if through divine intervention; opportune.
1. Providing for future needs or events: "Providently, they had saved up some money for such an emergency."
2. Making or indicative of timely preparation for the future.
1. Having or showing foresight; providing carefully for the future.
2. The quality or state of carefulness; prudence; economy.
1. Someone whose business is to supply a particular service or commodity.
2. An organization or company which provides access to a service or system; such as, a cellular phone, cable, or computer network. One example is an ISP (Internet Service Provider).
3. Someone who provides material support for others or something; especially, a family.
4. Anyone who supports a family or another person.
1. Supplying a means of subsistence; earning a living: "He is providing for his family by working on two jobs."
2. Taking measures in preparation for something: "The crew and other cruise-ship staff members are providing for the proper care of the passengers during the next trip."
3. Determining what is to happen in certain situations; especially, by including a proviso condition or stipulation: "The will is providing for each child with money to support their physical needs."
4. Supplying what is desired or needed; especially, support, food, or other sustenance: "The couple has been providing meals for the father, mother, and children ever since their house was destroyed by the flood."
5. Establishing something as a stipulation; for example, an agreement that is providing deadlines for the completion of a project.
provision (pruh VIZH uhn, proh VIZH uhn) (s) (noun), provisions (pl)
1. An individual’s contemplation of what to do if something occurs: In planning the extended trip to several foreign countries, Aaron spent time in provision, thinking about possible situations and how he would respond to them.
2. Preparatory actions: The tour guide undertook all the provisions necessary to escort a group of older visitors to his country, ensuring that the hotel reservations and transportation arrangements were complete.
3. A stock of necessary supplies; especially, food: The hikers in the mountains took enough provisions with them to last the entire trip.
4. A stipulation or qualification; particularly, a clause in a document or agreement: The land purchase forms which the new owners signed included a provision which allowed the former owner to keep her cows in the barn for the next three months.
5. A situation in which there is sufficient replenishment of necessities and materials: The pharmaceutical company supplied all the provisions that were essential to keep the hospital functioning safely for at least a month.
1. Under terms that are not final or fully worked out or agreed upon: "They are still existing with a provisional government."
2. A person hired temporarily for a job, typically before having taken an examination qualifying the person for permanent employment.
3. A temporary postage stamp that is used before the official issue is released.
4. Suitable or acceptable in the existing situation, but subject to change or nullification.
5. Relating to, or being temporary; such as, judicial acts or proceedings allowed before final judgment is made.
provisional callus
A temporary deposit between the ends of a fractured bone that is reabsorbed when the true bone develops.
Temporarily and conditionally: "They have agreed provisionally."

"She was provisionally appointed to the administrative position."

Someone who supplies or makes something wanted or needed available.
proviso (s) (noun); provisos, provisoes (pl)
1. A clause in a document making a qualification, a certain condition, or some kind of restriction which must be accepted in order for a person to agree to do something: Mildred agreed to work on the project with the proviso that she would get extra pay for working overtime on it.
2. Etymology: from Middle Latin proviso, "provided (that)", a phrase at the beginning of clauses in legal documents, from Latin proviso, "it being provided"; from provisus, providere, "to look ahead, to prepare, to supply"; from pro-, "ahead" + videre, "to see".
A clause making a stipulation or condition.
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Stating a requirement.
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1. Providing or serving for the time being only.
2. Existing only until permanently or properly replaced; temporary.
3. Accepted or adopted tentatively; conditional; probationary.

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "appear, visible, visual, manifest, show, see, reveal, look": blep-; delo-; demonstra-; opt-; -orama; pare-; phanero-; phant-; pheno-; scopo-; spec-; vela-, veal-.