vexat-, vex-

(Latin: to annoy, to irritate; to bother; an agitation; a shaking, a jolting, a shocking situation)

vexing (adjective), more vexing, most vexing
1. Pertaining to causing difficulty for someone: Tom was already late for work, but when he was caught in stop-and-go traffic on the freeway, it was even more vexing!
2. A reference to making someone feel angry or very upset: While trying to fill out her vexing income tax form, which was very exasperating, she got a vexing headache, which displeased her a lot!
vexingly (adverb), more vexingly, most vexingly
Describing an irritating or teasing way of how something is done: Tina talked to James, her son, in a vexingly angry way regarding his misbehavior in public.