vesiculo-, vesicul-, vesiculi-

(Latin: [small] blister; literally, "small bladder")

Radiography of the seminal vesicles after the injection of a contrast medium. This procedure has been replaced by ultrasound imaging.
Composed of vesicles and papules (small solid rounded bumps rising from the skin, derived from Latin papula, "pimple").
Having both vesicles and pustules (little pimples full of pus).
The surgical incision into a vesicle; such as, a seminal (semen) vesicle.

Cross references of word groups that are related, partially or extensively, to: "blister, bump, swelling": bull-; ichor-; papulo-; pemphig-; puro-; pus-; pustu-; pyo-; suppurant-; tum-; vesico-.