vers-, vert-, -verse, -version, -version, -versation, -versal, -versary, -vert, vort-, vors-

(Latin: bend, turn)

divergently (adverb), more divergently, most divergently
Descriptive of a manner that is tending to be different or developing in different directions.
divorce papers
Rift certificates.
divorceable (adjective)
electrothermal energy conversion
1. A process in which electrical energy is directly converted into heat energy.
2. The direct conversion of electric energy into heat energy, as in an electric heater.
1. A procedure for restoring normal, efficient rhythm to a heart with an irregular beat by passing an electric current through it.
2. The termination or ending of an arrhythmia (irregularity in the rhythm of the heartbeat) with a counter electric shock.
3. In extreme cases of paroxysmal tachycardia (a sudden, abnormal intensity and rapid beating of the heart), a procedure in which an electric shock is administered directly to a patient's heart while he or she is under a mild anesthetic.
eversion (i VUHR zhuhn) (s) (noun), eversions (pl)
1. The act or fact of something being turned inside out: Carol is always astonished about the eversions of the pillow cases after being washed because before they were put in the washing machine, they had the right sides out.
2. The outwardly twisting of one's foot or feet: Because of the injury of his ankle which caused a painful eversion, Charles had to buy special shoes that would fit and not cause him any further suffering.
evert (I VURT)
To turn outward or inside out, as any saclike object: "The doctor had to evert her eyelid so he could remove the irritating grain of sand."
ex adverso
From the opposite side.

Inter-related cross references involving word units meaning "bend, curve, turn": diversi-; diverticul-; flect-, flex-; gyro-; meand-; -plex; streph-; stroph-; tors-; tropo-; verg-; volv-.