valid-, val-, vale-, -vail, -valent, -valence

(Latin: valere, to be strong, to be well, to be worth; strong; power, strength; and "fare well" [go with strength])

valor (s) (noun), valors (pl)
Courage, bravery, and heroism: Mike demonstrated great valor when he rushed to the burning car and pulled the unconscious driver out after it had crashed into the back end of a big truck.

The valors of the people who were helping to save those who were caught in the terrible floods received a great deal of praise from the the governor of the state and those who were saved from drowning.

Courage and bravery when facing danger.
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To establish and maintain the price of (a commodity) by government action.
valorous (adjective), more valorous, most valorous
Characterized by showing great courage in the face of a dangerous situation: Lizzie made the valorous decision to follow the trail of the Klondike Gold Rush, hiking up the mountains, camping in the wild, etc.
Brave, courageous, and valiant.
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valuable (adjective), more valuable, most valuable
1. Of high monetary or material preciousness: Mrs. Green has a diamond ring which is very valuable, so she takes very good care of it.
2. Of great importance, utility, or service: Molly's mother offered her some very valuable advice regarding her educational possibilities.
3. Worthy of having admirable or esteemed qualities or characteristics: Lynn, whose eyesight is not so good, has very valuable neighbors who take her with them when they go shopping.
valuably (adverb), more valuably, most valuably
1. Regarding how a person or something is very useful, helpful, or important: The university was served most valuably by Mr. Thomas, who was the secretary.
2. Denoting how an individual or a thing is precious: British Columbia in Canada is a province covered with densely and valuably timbered areas.
3. Pertaining to how something is worth a lot: The coins that Jane had were valuably old and priceless, and had been polished brightly.
1. An amount regarded as a suitable equivalent for something else, especially a fair price or return for goods or services.
2. Monetary or material worth.
3. Worth in usefulness or importance to the possessor.
4. A principle, standard, or quality regarded as worthwhile or desirable.
Having no value; worthless.
Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est.
Life is not [just] to live, but life is to be strong, vigorous.

Life is more than merely staying alive.

Vive, vale.
Live, be well.

Farewell. Also presented as: Vive valeque, "Live and be well."

Volo, non valeo.
I am willing but unable.