(Latin: from vacare, "to empty")

Any spaces or cavities within a cell.

They may function in digestion, storage, secretion, or excretion.

1. An instrument for the comparison of barometers.
2. An apparatus for the measurement of low pressures.
vacuous (adjective), more vacuous, most vacuous
1. A reference to something which is devoid of matter and is empty or void: The rooms in the old building were all vacuous and lacking any sign of life for years, except for some cobwebs!
2. Relating to the lack of intelligence; stupid: A vacuous remark is one that is empty of any real knowledge.
3. Descriptive of anything that has no real meaning: The smile that James had on his face was totally vacuous and fake, without any hint of feeling or understanding.
4. Etymology: from Latin vacuus, "empty, vacant."
Expressionless and devoid of contents.
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Statements that are lacking any sense.
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Daydreaming while at work and not thinking about his job.

Mentally lacking any sense.
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In a vacuous manner.
1. A total absence of matter.
2. The state of being empty.
vacuum (s); vacua, vacuums (pl) ; vacuuming, vacuumed
1. Absence of matter; a space empty of matter or relatively empty of matter.
2. A space in which the pressure is significantly lower than atmospheric pressure.
3. A state of emptiness; a void.
4. A state of being sealed off from external or environmental influences; isolation.
5. Relating to, or used to create a vacuum.
6. Containing air or other gas at a reduced pressure.
7. Operating by means of suction or by maintaining a partial vacuum.
8. To use a vacuum cleaner on; clean with a vacuum cleaner: to vacuum rugs.
9. To treat with any vacuum device; such as, a vacuum drier.

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