vaccino-, vaccin-, vaccini-, vacci-, vacc- +

(Latin: of, or pertaining to, a cow; a bovine)

Scientific Latin, suspension of killed or attenuated (alive but weakened) microorganisms administered orally or by injection for the prevention or treatment of infectious diseases.
live vaccine (s), live vaccines (pl) (nouns)
Vaccine prepared from living, attenuated organisms.

To attenuate is to taper gradually and attenuated refers to reducing the virulence (infectivity) of a pathogenic microorganism.

neurovaccine (s), neurovaccines (pl) (nouns)
Vaccine made by growing virus in the brain of an animal; such as, a rabbit.
paravaccinia (pl) (noun)
A viral infection of cattle caused by a parapoxvirus (viruses of ungulates), producing lesions similar to those of cowpox and infectious ecthyma (ulcerative pyoderma) on the udders and teats of cows and on the oral mucosa of suckling calves.

It begins as small red papules that evolve to vesicles, pustules, and scabbing. It may be transmitted to humans during milking, producing milker's nodules; and there may then be retransmission to uninfected cows.

postvaccinal, post-vaccinal (adjective)
Occurring after vaccination.
progressive vaccinia, vaccinia gangrenosa (pl) (nouns)
A rare but often fatal complication of smallpox vaccination in those with deficient immune mechanisms or receiving immunosuppressive therapy, characterized by tissue necrosis that spreads from the inoculation site, which may result in metastatic vaccinial lesions in the skin, bones, and viscera.
retrovaccination (s), retrovaccinations (pl) (nouns)
The inoculation of a cow with human vaccine virus.
revaccinate, revaccinates; revaccinated; revaccinating (verbs)
1. To vaccinate a second time or again.
2. Vaccination of an individual previously successfully vaccinated.
revaccination (s), revaccinations (pl) (nouns)
topovaccinotherapy (s), topovaccinotherapies (pl) (nouns)
Vaccination to confer local immunity.
unvaccinated (adjective)
Anyone who has not been vaccinated.
vaccary (s), vaccaries (pl) (nouns)
A small-scale commercial cattle farm with a dairy and cow pasture.

The word is usually linked to grazing land in the moors and valleys of the Pennines in Yorkshire and Lancashire, England.

vaccicide (s), vaccicides (pl) (nouns)
That which kills cows.
vaccimulgence (s), vaccimulgences (pl) (nouns)
The milking of cows.
vaccinable (adjective), more vaccinable, most vaccinable
1. Able to be successfully inoculated: Not all medications are vaccinable, many must be taken in the form of a pill.
2. Capable of being immunized against something: Some types of influenza are vaccinable which protect people to a certain degree from getting the flu.
vaccinal (adjective)
1. Pertaining to vaccinia, to vaccine, or to vaccination.
2. Having protective qualities when used by way of inoculation.

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