astro-, astr-

(Greek: star, stars, star shaped; also pertaining to outer space)

The physical body of a celestial being from outer space.
1. Relating to or used in astrophysics.
2. Relating to stellar physics, or the study of the physical structure of the stars.
Someone who studies the physical properties, origins, and developments of astronomical objects and events.
1. The study of the physical properties, origin, and development of astronomical objects and events (takes a singular verb).
2. The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of stellar phenomena or astronomical science.
3. That branch of astronomy which treats of the physical or chemical properties of the celestial bodies.

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astroplankton (s) (noun), astroplankton (pl)
A theory that there may be living material drifting in space: Some people think that there might be microorganisms or spores floating around in space, which are called astroprlankton, and are perhaps able to start life after reaching an appropriate environment.
An astronomical instrument, composed of two cones, on whose surface the constellations, with their stars, are delineated, by means of which the stars may be easily known.
The observation of the stars.
A claim of an inaudible noise that comes from the planets and stars and effects a psychological and physical response in human beings.

Studies supposedly show it can be predictable and it represents the "aspects" in astrology capable of being heard by clairaudients.

astrotheology (s) (noun), astrotheologies (pl)
Religious beliefs that are based on the observation or knowledge of heavenly or celestial bodies.
bioastronautic (adjective), more bioastronautic, most bioastronautic
A reference to the study of biological or living organisms and their behavioral, physical, and medical problems related to astronautical space traveling.
bioastronautics (pl) (noun) (plural used as a singular)
The study of the effects of space travel on living organisms and their medical problems.
The study of the possibility of life in the universe other than on earth.
celestial navigation (s) (noun), celestial navigations (pl)
Movements by means of the observations made of the apparent positions of heavenly bodies.
Anyone who performs divination with magic or astrology.
Divination with magic or astrology.

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