uni-, un-

(Latin: one, single; a word element for number 1)

unanimous (yoo NAN uh muhs) (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Pertaining to a view shared by all of the people who are concerned, with no one disagreeing: The doctors caring for Mark were unanimous in their diagnosis of his illness.
2. Describing a situation when all members are being in agreement with each other: There was a unanimous vote in the faculty meeting at school to support the refugee children in their town by raising money with a marathon or a long-distance running event.
unanimousness (yoo NAN uh muhs nis) (s) (noun), unanimousnesses (pl)
1. That which is shared as a view by all of the people concerned, with no one disagreeing: Shirley was elected to be the mayor of her town by a unanimousness of the electoral votes of the citizens.
2. That which is based on, or marked by, complete assent or agreement: The unanimousness of having the stores stay open until 6 p.m. everyday of the week was in total accord with the population of the community.
A unit body or a contemporary method of motor vehicle construction in which the body components are fastened onto a steel body shell rather than being bolted to a frame.
Having or consisting of a single legislative chamber.
Infection with hookworms of the genus Uncinaria.
Having one rib.
unicycle (s) (noun), unicycles (pl)
With one digit, or only one claw.
Not blindly or excessively devoted, nor abnormally adoring of an object nor of a god.