ultra-, ult-

(Latin: beyond, on the other side; excessive, to an extreme degree)

ultraism (s) (noun), ultraisms (pl)
1. Any theory approving of immoderate and uncompromising policies; especially, in politics or government: In his history book, Ralf read about the abolitionists and their ultraism in their cause against slavery in the U.S. in the 19th century.
2. Rules or standards set by people who uphold radical or drastic measures: Timothy was interested in the writing style showing the aspects of ultraism, as in the avoidance of sentimentalism in literature..
3. Etymology: from Latin alteri, "other"; from ultra, "beyond, on the other side of" + -ism, "action or process".
Radicalism or extremism in politics.
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ultramarathon (s) (noun), ultramarathons (pl)
A cross-country footrace with distances of 30 miles (48 kilometers) or more: Apparently some runners have strived to show their superior strength and endurance by exceeding the regular marathon distance with much longer ultramarathons for publicity reasons and to raise funds for worthy causes.
ultramarathoner (s) (noun), ultramarathoners (pl)
Someone who is in a footrace that is longer than 26.2 miles or 42 kilometers: Some ultramarathoners run 50 miles (80 kilometers) in order to raise money for victims of natural disasters or for some other important purpose.
ultramarathonic (adjective), more ultramarathonic, most ultramarathonic
Relating to something that has been taking an exceptionally long time to accomplish: At the time of this composition, there are those who are convinced that the negotiations between Greece and the European Union are ultramarathonic conditions that are going on and on with no resolutions and could result in a Grexit (Greek exit) from the E.U.
ultramarine (adjective), more ultramarine, most ultramarine
1. Descriptive of a brilliant deep blue color: Susan decided to wear her ultramarine dress and shoes to the neighbors dinner invitation.
2. A reference to a place beyond the sea: Virginia's daughter was far away in a ultramarine location and about 7 hours away by plane.
ultramicroscope, ultramicroscopy
1. A microscope with high-intensity illumination used to study very minute objects, such as colloidal particles that scatter the light and appear as bright spots against a dark background.
2. A microscope that uses scattered light to make submicroscopic objects visible.
3. A microscope that uses light diffraction to permit the viewing of objects too small to be detected by an ordinary microscope.
1. A reference to objects that are too small to be seen with an ordinary light microscope.
2. A reference to the use of an ultramicroscope.
ultramilitant (adjective), more ultramilitant, most ultramilitant
1. Militant to an extreme.
2. Someone who is extremely militant.
ultramodern (adjective), more ultramodern, most ultramodern
Completely up-to-date and more modern than anything comparable; especially, in using the very latest designs or making use of the most advanced technology: The Jacksons decided to build a new house using ultramodern electronic devices for their kitchen equipment, for locking up their house, and for the radio and TV systems they would be using.
Very advanced in style, taste, ideas, or techniques; futuristic.
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1. Situated beyond the mountains.
2. Relating to people or regions lying beyond the mountains, especially the Alps.
3. Coming from or lying beyond mountains; especially, beyond the Alps as viewed from ancient Rome.
4. Supporting the power and authority of the pope within the Roman Catholic Church.