-ulous, -ulously

(Latin: a suffix; tending to do, inclined to; full of)

incredible, incredulous
incredible (in KRED uh buhl) (adjective)
Unbelievable: The modern world is accepting many incredible happenings as reality.
incredulous (in KREJ uh luhs) (adjective)
Unbelieving; skeptical: The incredulous men have been deceived so often that they hesitate to believe obvious events.

As incredible as it may be, Frank found himself totally incredulous when the results of the election were announced and he had won.

incredulous (in KREJ uh luhs) (adjective), more incredulous, most incredulous
1. A reference to the reaction of a person when something is difficult to be believed; skeptical: Sharon had an incredulous response when she saw how expensive the dress would be.
2. Characteristic of someone's indication of being unable or unwilling to believe something or not being completely convinced: Mark had an incredulous look on his face as his little boy was trying to explain how he broke the window at the back of his house.
3. Etymology: from Latin incredulus, "unbelieving"; from in, "not" + credulus, "easy of belief"
Skeptical and indicating a lack of belief.
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incredulously (adverb)
Conveying an expression of doubt or impossibility.
meticulous (adjective), more meticulous, most meticulous
1. Pertaining to taking or showing extreme care about very small details; being precise and thorough: Mac's father was always a meticulous carpenter who was always focused on the accuracy of his work.
2. Marked by extreme care in the treatment of details; scrupulous, greatly concerned, and punctilious: A meticulous person is very careful because he, or she, is "afraid" not to be.
3. Etymology: from Latin meticulosus, "fearful, timid"; literally, "full of fear", from metus, "fear" + Latin -ulous "tending to do, inclined to be".

In the sense of "fussy about details" was first recorded in English in 1827, from French méticuleux.

Since meticulous now has no meanings related to "fearful", it has turned to the current meaning of "painstakingly careful" with no connotations of any kind of "fear" at all.

At first, the new meaning was controversial among some usage commentators; however, it is now the most common meaning and it is no longer considered a mistaken concept.

Extremely careful about small details.
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Excessively precise.
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Unduly careful about tiny things.
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1. A reference to being extremely careful and precise.
2. Characterized by being excessively concerned with details.
3. In a meticulous manner.
1. Strict attention to minute details.
2. Being very careful and paying great attention to every detail.
miraculous (adjective), more miraculous, most miraculous
1. Performed by or involving an almighty power or agency; supernatural: After suffering in the hospital for several days with a bad heart condition, there seemed to be a miraculous cure of Adam's ailment when the cardiologist told him that he appeared to be normal again.
2. Of the nature of an astoundingly, awe-inspiring situation: Once Ina's friend had adjusted to her new hearing aids, she said it was a miraculous change in her life because she could now hear soft sounds; such as, the purring of her cat and rain falling on the roof of her house.
3. Having or seeming to have the power to work miracles: Dr. Sneed offered miraculous drugs for Sam's illness which actually changed his life from misery to feeling wonderful.
miraculously (adverb), more miraculously, most miraculously
In a remarkable and astounding manner: Miraculously no one was injured in the accident that involved several vehicles going out of control on the icy highway.
miraculousness (s) (noun) (usually no plural form)
An unusual or fantastic event which is believed to be caused by the will of God: The miraculousness of his discovering how to accomplish complicated computer objectives, without the help of a technical expert, Jim thought could only be a result of divine guidance.
Having just one eye.
1. Not clear, distinct, or definite; vague.
2. Clouded, cloudy, misty; resembling a cloud or clouds.
3. Hazy, vague, indistinct, formless.
4. In astronomy, a small cluster of indistinct stars, or a star that is surrounded by a luminous haze.
5. Resembling a nebula.
nidulus (s) (noun), niduluses (pl)
A group of nerve-cell bodies in the central nervous system: During surgery, Dr. Smith, the surgeon, was careful to avoid the niduluses which were near the spine.
noctambulous (adjective), more noctambulous, most noctambulous
A reference to someone who walks at night or who walks around while asleep at night.
Having small nodes or knots.