typo-, typ-, -type

(Greek > Latin: to beat, to strike; a blow; a dent, an impression, a mark, original form; a mold; a figure, an image, a form, a kind)

A typewritten document or other text.
1. Conforming to a type: "She is the typical, or normal, American."
2. Exhibiting the qualities or characteristics that identify a group, kind, or category: "He is the typical British guy."
3. Of a feature that helps to distinguish a person or thing: "That is typical of you!"
4. Etymology: from 1605, "symbolic, emblematic," from Middle Latin typicalis, "symbolic"; from Late Latin typicus "of or pertaining to a type"; from Greek typikos, from typos, "impression".
typo (TIGH poh) (s) (noun), typos (pl)
1. Errors of spelling, grammar, etc. that are made when typing or printing a document: Carol spotted several typos in the page that she was editing.

A typo includes errors resulting from mechanical failures or slips of the hand or finger, but essentially it shouldn't include mistakes made as a result of a lack of knowledge.

Although a typo excludes errors of ignorance, it is common to find it being used as a euphemism to describe instances of poor spelling, punctuation, or grammar.

2. Etymology: an abbreviated term for typographical, from Middle Latin typographia which came from Greek typos, "dent, impression, mark, figure, original form" + -grapheia, "writing".
A record from a machine that sets type or casts lines of type and sets them.
A machine for setting type, or for casting lines of type, and setting them.
1. Someone who processes printing; especially, the setting and arrangement of types and printing of documents, etc.
2. Anyone who arranges and produces the appearance of printed matter.
A reference to the action, or process, of printing.
typography (s) (noun), typographies (pl)
1. The action or process of printing; especially, the setting and arrangement of types and printing from them: When Ivan was in school, he studied typography as part of his graphic arts course.
2. The arrangement and appearance of printed matter: The typography on the front page of the newspaper was eye-catching.
The style or appearance of printed material.
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