tropho-, troph-, -trophy, -trophs, -trophically, -trophic, -trophous

(Greek: food, nutrition, nourishment; development)

Don't confuse this tropho-, -trophy element with tropo-, meaning "turn, turning," etc.

viscerotrophic (adjective), more viscerotrophic, most viscerotrophic
1. Making use of internal organs of the body for growth; used especially of viruses.
2. Capable of stimulating the growth of internal organs of the body.
3. Etymology: from Latin viscero- + Greek trophe, "nourishment".
Relating to or providing nutrition to lower animals; concerning animal nutrition.

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "food, nutrition, nourishment": alimento-; broma-; carno-; cibo-; esculent-; sitio-; Eating Crawling Snacks; Eating: Carnivorous-Plant "Pets"; Eating: Folivory or Leaf Eaters; Eating: Omnivorous.