-tripsy, -tripsis, -tripic +

(Greek: to crush; to massage, to rub, rubbing, friction, to grind)

lithotriptor, lithotripter (s) (noun); lithotriptors, lithotripters (pl)
A device for breaking up renal calculi (kidney stones): A lithotripter administers a high-energy shock wave that disintegrates stones which are then passed out in the urine.
lithotriptoscopy (s) (noun), lithotriptoscopies (pl)
A kind of surgical procedure in which bladder stones are comminuted and flushed out by seeing them clearly with the device that is being used: Ted's doctor arranged for him to have a lithotriptoscopy to get rid of the renal calculus that was causing so much pain in his kidney.
The surgical crushing of a nerve.
Wearing away of the teeth.
Chafing (rubbing and causing irritation, soreness by rubbing).
percutaneous ultrasonic lithotriptor
A device that uses ultrasound to break up kidney stones and gallstones.

The sound waves are applied to the outside of the body and penetrate to the calculi.

phreniclasia, phreniclasis; phrenemphraxis; phrenicotripsy
Crushing of the phrenic nerve with a clamp to produce temporary paralysis of the diaphragm.
A crushing forceps to stop hemorrhage.
1. Operation of crushing the sympathetic ganglion.
2. The surgical crushing of a nerve, ganglion, or plexus of the sympathetic nervous system.
1. The comminution or crushing of a bone.
2. Comminuted fracture (one in which the bone is splintered or crushed).
1. The act of reducing a drug to a fine powder and incorporating it thoroughly with sugar of milk by rubbing the two together in a mortar.
2. Mixing of dental amalgam in a mortar and pestle or with a mechanical device.
Revitalization of the gingivae (gums of the mouth) by massage.
Use of an angiotribe to stop or decrease hemorrhage.
Dry friction (attrition, rubbing).

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "rub, rubbing; wear away; wipe": bruxo, brux-; frica-, frict-; terg-; tribo-; trit-.