tricho-, trich-, -tricha, -trichia, -trichan, -trichic, -trichosis, -trichous, -thrix, -trichum, -trichy +

(Greek: hair [thread; filament; condition of the hair])

trichoplankton (s) (noun), trichoplankton; tricoplanktons (pl)
An oceanic lifeform consisting mainly of filamentous algae: The trichoplankton, with threadlike fibers which are thin in diameter, are photosynthetic organisms typical of aquatic habitats.
Congenital defect of copper metabolism manifested in short, sparse, poorly pigmented kinky hair.

This condition is associated with failure to thrive in life, physical and mental retardation, and progressive severe deterioration of the brain; apparently a defect of copper transport.

An opening for an emerging hair or bristle; such as, in spiders.
trichoptera, trichopter
An order of insects consisting of the candis flies.
One of the Trichoptera.
1. The splitting of hairs at their ends, giving them a feather-like appearance.
2. A disease of hair marked by development of nodules along the hair shaft, at which point it splits off.
3. The longitudinal splitting of the distal end of the hair shaft.
trichorhinophalangeal syndrome
A condition characterized by sparse fine hair, broad nose with a long philtrum, swollen middle phalanges with cone-shaped epiphyses, and growth retardation.
The rapid loss of hair.
An increased tendency of the hair to break.
trichorrhexis nodes
A congenital or acquired condition in which minute nodes are formed in the hair shafts; splitting and breaking, complete or incomplete, may occur at these points or nodes.
trichorrhexis nodosa
An atrophic condition of the hair, affecting more often the male beard, and characterized by irregular thickenings resembling nodes on the hair shaft that are really partial fractures of the hair. The hairs often break, leaving a brush-like ends; a certain amount of alopecia is thus produced.
trichorrhexomania, trichokryptomania, trichomania
1. An impulse to pinch off one’s hair.
2. A compulsion to break off hairs of the scalp or beard with the fingernails.
The splitting of hairs.
The examination of hair with a microscope or any other magnifying instrument.
An iron-containing pigment found in human red hair.