trans-, tran-, tra-

(Latin: across, through, over, beyond; on the far side of)

Don't confuse the tra- in this element with another tra- in "drag" or "draw". Trans- becomes tra- before the consonants -d, -j, -l, -m, -n, and -v.

opaque, translucent, transparent
opaque (oh PAYK) (adjective)
1. Difficult to understand: Manfred's oral instructions were opaque and Dennis had to ask for an explanation.
2. Regarding something which does not allow light to pass through: The windows were painted black so they would be opaque, thus permitting the photographer to work in his photo-processing laboratory without unwanted illumination.
translucent (trans LOO suhnt, tranz LOO suhnt) (adjective)
Pertaining to something which is not completely clear or transparent, but clear enough to allow light to pass through: The frosted glass in the door was translucent.
transparent (trans PAIR uhnt, trans PAHR uhnt) (adjective)
1. Concerning light being able to pass through: The new window in the sunroom was transparent and let in all the sunshine.
2. Characteristic of something self-evident; obvious; apparent: Trina's facial expression was so transparent that Susan always knew what she was thinking.

The information from the lecture was completely opaque to Ryan and so he couldn't understand a thing.

After Howard read the text book, his mind felt more translucent, as if some light on the subject was getting through and the information was beginning to make sense, but not completely.

Then, after Marla asked for an explanation, the answer suddenly became transparent.

phylactotransfusion (s) (noun), phylactotransfusions (pl)
1. A transfusion of blood from a donor who has been immunized by injections of an antigen prepared from microorganisms isolated from the recipient; the recipient then gains passive immunity from the antibodies formed in the donor.
2. Transfusion of blood from a donor previously rendered immune to the disease affecting the recipient.
piezoelectric transducer
A device that uses the interaction between an electric charge and the deformation of a piezoelectric crystal to convert mechanical or acoustical signals into electrical ones, especially such a device used in a microphone.
piezotransistor accelerometer (s), piezotransistor accelerometers (pl) (nouns)
An instrument or device which is used to measure acceleration, by recording the current variation across the pn junction of a transistor that has received a concentrated force from a seismic mass.
post-transfusion syndrome (s) (noun), post-transfusion syndromes (pl)
A condition consisting of fever, splenomegaly, atypical lymphocytes, abnormal liver function tests, and occasionally a skin rash that develops following a blood transfusion or perfusion of a organ during surgery.
power-transmission line (s) (noun), power-transmission lines (pl)
An electric main that provides large amounts of power at a high voltage to remote locations.
Qui transtulit sustinet.
He who transplanted still sustains.

Motto of the State of Connecticut, USA. Further meaning: "God brought us here and still looks after us" or "God brought us here and still takes care of us."

retrotransposition (s) (noun), retrotranspositions (pl)
A situation in which something is reversed in place or order again: "The surgeon had to make a retrotransposition of the intestine because it burst through the tissue again after the previous surgery."
semitranslucent (adjective), more semitranslucent, most semitranslucent
Pertaining to being slightly clear or transmitting brightness to a minimal degree: The semitranslucent window in the door to the front hall of the neighbor's house allowed for some luster in the dark hall space without having to turn on the electric lamps.
semitransparent (noun), more semitransparent, most semitransparent
A term used in the recommended names of some enzymes of the transferase class that catalyze the formation of sialylglycoconjugates via transfer of the sialic acid group from CMP to one of several glycoconjugate acceptors.
Sic transit gloria mundi. (Latin motto)
Translation: "So passes away the glory of the world."

This motto was used by Thomas à Kempis, in his De Imitatione Christi, when he was commenting about the transitory nature of human vanities. It is also used at the coronation of a pope: A rope bundle is burned during the ceremony and, as the flame dies, the words Pater sancte sic transit gloria mundi: "Holy Father, so passes away the glory of the world" are intoned.

siderophilin, transferrin
1. A beta globulin in blood plasma capable of combining with ferric ions and transporting iron in the body.
2. A plasma glycoprotein that transports dietary iron to the liver, spleen, and bone marrow.
technology transfer
The broad set of processes encompassing the movement of knowledge, techniques, capital, and goods among different people.