trans-, tran-, tra-

(Latin: across, through, over, beyond; on the far side of)

Don't confuse the tra- in this element with another tra- in "drag" or "draw". Trans- becomes tra- before the consonants -d, -j, -l, -m, -n, and -v.

transparent (adjective), more transparent, most transparent
transparently (adverb), more transparently, most transparently
Transparent; easily seen through or understood.
transplant (verb), transplants; transplanted; transplanting
1. Placing an organ of a donor into the body of another person: Dr. Anderson and Dr. White made arrangements to transplant Arnold's kidney into his sister Rebecca.
2. To lift and to reset growing seedlings into a different area of soil: The farmer transplanted the young rice plants.
1. Quality or state of being transplendent.
2. Supereminent splendor.
Resplendent in the highest degree.
transponder (s) (noun), transponders (pl)
A radio transmitter-receiver that is activated when it receives a predetermined signal: RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) transponders come in many forms, including smart labels, simple tags, smart cards and keychain fobs.

Injectable ID chip or biochip transponders

Biochip transponders are electronic devices that are inserted under the skin of an animal to provide it with a unique identification number.

Injectable ID transponders are less painful, faster to implement, and more cost-effective than ear-tags, brands, or tattoos, have been used to identify livestock animals; such as, pigs, sheep, cows, and horses for several years.

Once inserted under an animal's skin the transponder remains inactive until read by a compatible scanner.

The scanner works by sending a low frequency radio signal to "wake up" the transponder and provide it with the power it needs to send its unique identification code back to the scanner where it is read, compared to other codes in the database so it can positively identify each animal.

Here is a List of Radio Frequency Identification articles for further explanations: RFID

transport (verb), transports; transported; transporting
1. To carry or to convey something or people from one place to another one: Hundreds of refugees have beenĀ transported by means of trains and busses from their home country, which is still in the middle of a war, to another new peaceful country.
2. To put someone in a state of intense or uncontrollable emotion: Joe's girl friend was transported with great joy when he told her that he loved her and wanted to marry her.
To carry away with rapture or strong emotion.
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transportability (s) (noun), transportabilities (pl)
The act of carrying something or someone to different places; usually over long distances: In the distant past, the only means of transportability of things was carrying them by people or animals.
transportable (adjective), more transportable, most transportable
Pertaining to that which is capable of being moved from place to place: The world would be very different if materials that grow or are produced in one place were not transportable.