trans-, tran-, tra-

(Latin: across, through, over, beyond; on the far side of)

Don't confuse the tra- in this element with another tra- in "drag" or "draw". Trans- becomes tra- before the consonants -d, -j, -l, -m, -n, and -v.

1. An impermanence that suggests the inevitability of ending or dying.
2. The attribute of being brief or fleeting.
transience, transience, transients
transience (TRAN zee uhns, TRAN zhuhns, TRAN shuhns) (noun)
Being short lived: "The transience for the fruit fly makes it ideal for scientific study."
transience (TRAN zee uhns, TRAN zhuhns, TRAN shuhns) (adjective)
Characterized by passing briefly through a situation or locale: "There was something of a transience nature about the circus barker that made his employer cautious."
transients (TRAN zee uhns, TRAN zhuhns, TRAN shuhns) (noun)
Individuals who frequently travel from place to place, often in search of employment or a better life style: "Several transients came to the door at the farm asking for temporary work."

The transience camps which the transients established near the railroad station were often made of materials; such as, old boxes, cast off furniture, etc.

transient (adjective), more transient, most transient
1. Characteristic of something that is brief; short-termed, temporary, or momentary: No living creature is immortal; in fact, all animals and vegetation on earth are transient.
2. Referring to people who work or stay in one area for a brief time: Greg decided to travel around Europe, staying at accommodations that are provided for transient people, or for those who are just passing through the towns.
A reference to someone who stays for a very short time .
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transilluminate (verb), transilluminates; transilluminated; transilluminating
To shine a bright beam through a body organ or cavity to detect diseases or other abnormalities; when pus or a lesion is present, the transmission of lucidity is diminished or absent: The test is transilluminated primarily on newborns or infants with hydrocephalus, or males suspected of having a hydrocele (accumulation of serus fluid in a saclike cavity).

The examination may also be transilluminated on breast tissue to detect lesions and cysts.

In newborns, a bright halogen ray may be used to transilluminate the chest cavity if they are suspected of having a pneumothorax.

Transilluminating through the chest is only possible on small newborns.

Bodily areas filled with air or fluid, that is not normal to that location, have increased lucid transmission and so they should not be transilluminated.

In a darkened room, a newborn infant's head can be seen to shine brightly when transilluminated if there is excess fluid present; thus, suggesting hydrocephalus or an abnormal buildup of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the ventricles of the brain.

One of a range of new digital technologies that is helping to improve diagnostic techniques is the "Difoti" (digital imaging fiber optic transillumination). One application of the "Difoti" is when dentists position a wand or thin stick-like instrument above each tooth and as light passes through the enamel, any cavities or other irregularities show the patterns and the information is captured by the wand’s sensor and transmitted to a display.

transillumination (s) (noun), transilluminations (pl)
The process by which an element of light passes through body tissue so that an expert standing on the other side of the source can diagnose or study body organs or obstructions, etc.: Mr. Sanderson said that he wanted to consult with the radiologist about the transillumination which had been completed, so he could determine if there were any unusual growths in his abdomen.
transilluminator (s) (noun), transilluminators (pl)
An individual trained to "read" and to understand what was revealed when a strong beam was projected through body tissue: In addition to consulting with a regular X-ray technician, Mrs. Armstrong insisted on meeting with the transilluminator, who also worked at the hospital, in an effect to get a second opinion regarding the masses that were revealed in her lungs.
Across any isthmus; specifically, across the isthmus of the fornicate gyrus (horseshoe-shaped cortical convolution bordering the hilus of the cerebral hemisphere), denoting the gyrus transitivus (prominent rounded elevations that form the cerebral hemispheres).
transition (tran ZISH uhn, tran SISH uhn) (s) (noun), transitions (pl)
1. A change or going from one place, condition, thing, topic, etc. to another one: Jesse made a significant transition from being a university student to being a successful specialist in technology in a very short time.
2. In music, a passing from one key to a different one: Gabriel had a talent of making beautiful piano transitions that were very entertaining for his audiences.
The process of changing from one activity or position to another one.
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transitive (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Relating to a grammatical construction in which the action of a verb passes to a direct object: Shirley noticed (verb) a problem (direct object) has resulted from the heavy rain.

In the sentences, "I like apple pie" and "She makes dresses," the verbs "like" and "makes" are transitive while "pie" and "dresses" are direct objects.

2. A reference to the process or a period during which something changes from one condition to another one: Students in Jim's school made a transition from one subject to another one each day.