trans-, tran-, tra-

(Latin: across, through, over, beyond; on the far side of)

Don't confuse the tra- in this element with another tra- in "drag" or "draw". Trans- becomes tra- before the consonants -d, -j, -l, -m, -n, and -v.

transferor (s) (noun), transferors (pl)
Someone who is legally responsible for changing ownership of property from one individual or institution to different one: The team of lawyers were the transferors of the original ownership of the factory to the new company.
transferred (adjective), more transferred, most transferred
Relating to something that has been moved to another place: Jack was checking the transferred data that he received on his computer.
transferrer (s) (noun), transferrers (pl)
A person who moves something from one location to a new place: Robert, the teller at the bank, acted as the transferrer of Carson's funds from his home bank to a new account in Germany.
1. A striking change in the appearance or character or of circumstances.
2. A significant change in the form or the appearance of someone or something; a metamorphosis.
1. To alter the outward appearance of someone or something.
2. To transform the appearance of someone or something, revealing great beauty, spirituality, or magnificence.
transfix (verb), transfixes; transfixed; transfixing
1. To pierce with or as if with a pointed weapon or other sharp object: In the movie, Fred saw an Indian transfix a cowboy by using a bow and arrow.
2. To render motionless, as with terror, amazement, or awe: The huge amount of snow which fell during the night completely transfixed little Max who saw it from his bedroom window when he woke up in the morning.
3. To shock or terrify somebody so much as to induce a momentary inability to move: The news that Alfred had an unknown brother living with a different family completely transfixed him.
4. To cut through a part of the body completely; such as, when amputating a bodily limb: The doctor had to completely transfix Jim's left hand because he had broken it so badly when he fell down on the ice.
To use a piercing look to hold someone in place.
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To hold or render someone motiontionless.
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transfixion (s) (noun), transfixions (pl)
1. That which holds a person motionless with amazement, awe, terror, etc.: The -30°C. temperature caused Mary to have a condition of transfixion; so, she stayed inside her warm house the whole day!
2. Fascination, captivation, enthrallment: The sight of the brand new car that Jake bought caused a transfixion of his family who were expecting to see a used car.
Flowing across.
transfluvial, transfluvian
Situated or dwelling across or beyond a river:
transform (verb), transforms; transformed; transforming
1. To alter or to change the disposition, character, or nature of something: After the snow fell, the little village was transformed into a picturesque place with the snow on the rooftops glistening in the sun like in a picture book!
2. To change in appearance or in shape; to metamorphose into something physically different: Caterpillars, or larvae, transform into beautiful butterflies or moths.
To change the character or personality of someone.
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transfuse (verb), transfuses; transfused; transfusing
1. To pour, as a fluid, from one container to another.
2. To cause to be imparted or instilled.
3. In medicine, to transfer (blood) from one person or animal to another one; performing a transfusion.
transfusible (adjective), more transfusible, most transfusible
Capable of being transfused or to administer a transfusion.