tracheo-, trache-

(Greek: windpipe; originally, "rough" artery)

Aristotle, like other ancients, believed that the arteries contained air. As a result, he distinguished between the artery par excellence, which he called "the smooth artery" and the windpipe, which he named "the rough artery".
Klein's Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of the English Language by Dr. Ernest Klein
(New York: Elsevier Publishing Company; 1967), p. 1635.

Hernial protrusion of the tracheal mucous membrane through a defect in the wall of the trachea. Synonym: trachelocele.
Originating in the trachea.
Pertaining to the trachea and the larynx.
One of the minute, fluid-filled tubules in which the tracheae of a terrestrial arthropod terminate, which contain air cells and permeate all the body tissues.
1. Softening of the tracheal cartilages.
2. Degeneration of elastic and connective tissue of the trachea.
An abnormally dilated trachea which may, like bronchiectasis, result from infection or prolonged positive pressure ventilation.
tracheopathia, tracheopathy (s) (noun); tracheopathias; tracheopathies (pl)
Any disease of the trachea: Since the elderly Mr. Brown was having difficulties in breathing, he was examined by a specialist who diagnosed his problem as a condition of tracheopathia, which was an ailment of his windpipe that allowed air to pass from the larynx to the bronchi.
Pertaining to the trachea and pharynx; denoting an occasional band of muscular fibers passing from the inferior constrictor of the pharynx to the trachea.
Tracheophilus cymbius
A trematode parasitic in the trachea of ducks in Europe and Asia.
Auscultation of the heart sounds at the sternal notch.
1. A sound heard in auscultation over the trachea. "Auscultation" is the process of listening for sounds within the body, usually sounds of thoracic or abdominal viscera.
2. The hollow voice sound heard in auscultating over the trachea. Also known as bronchophony.
A vascular plant containing both phloem and xylem.
Plastic repair of the trachea.
Purulent tracheitis or inflammation of the trechea with pus.
Hemorrhage from the mucous membrane of the trachea.