tra-, tract-, trac-, -tractive, -traction, -tracting, treat-, trai-

(Latin: drag, draw together; a drawing out or pulling)

train (s), trains (pl) (noun forms)
1. A number of connected railroad cars pulled or pushed by one or more locomotives: "The train pulled into the railroad station on time."
2. A long part at the back of a gown or robe which trails on the ground: "Catherine Middleton was wearing a wedding dress on April 29, 2011, with a full skirt and a train which measured almost nine feet.
3. A group of people, vehicles, or animals which are moving in a line: "A funeral train followed the body to the grave where it was to be buried."
4. An orderly series of related thoughts, events, actions, or ideas: "She lost her train of thought when she was interrupted."
train, trains, trained, training (verb forms)
1. To teach someone the skills needed to do something; especially, through practical experiences: "The supervisor was training the woman to take over his job when he would retire."
2. To cause someone or something to develop an ability or skill: "The student trained his mind to think in a systematic and scientific way."
3. To make someone stronger, faster, or better at doing something before competing in an event or competition: "The young woman is training for the Olympics."
4. To teach an animal to obey commands: "The police used trained dogs to sniff out drugs."
5. To aim or to point something toward something or in a particular direction: "She trained the flashlight into the cave."
6. To improve something; especially, the mind, with discipline: "They trained their minds to learn the proper pronunciations and vocabulary of the foreign language."
trait (s) (noun), traits (pl)
1. A distinguishing quality, feature, or characteristic which typically belongs to each person: Some types of traits, or attributes, an individual can have can be earnestness, frivolity, thoughtfulness, trustworthiness, and wisdom.
2. Etymology: from Latin tractus, "a drawing"; from an early sense of a "stroke of the pen or pencil in a picture," indicating the sense of "a particular feature of mind or character" from trahere, "to pull, to draw."
A special characteristic of a person's personality.
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treat, treats, treated, treating (verb forms)