tra-, tract-, trac-, -tractive, -traction, -tracting, treat-, trai-

(Latin: drag, draw together; a drawing out or pulling)

quasi contract (s) (noun), quasi contracts (pl)
An obligation of one person to another one which is imposed by law independently of an agreement between the parties.
Quasi ex contractu.
In law, "as if from or by contract".
retrace, retraces, retraced, retracing (verb forms)
retraceable (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Possible of being followed back; trackable: After misplacing her cell phone, Judy thought it was retraceable by calling up the number using her landline.

In case the two hikers got lost, the path they took was retraceable when they used the special signs located on the trees.
2. Suitable to rewrite or redraw along existing lines: The spelling exercise book for Jill had retraceable letters for her to move her pencil along.

retract (verb), retracts; retracted; retracting
1. To disown or to formally reject something that was previously said or written: The headline in the newspaper retracted the allegations that it had made against the businessman who was mentioned in an earlier edition.
2. To take back an offer or promise: The company retracted the job offer it had made to Jake because of an unexpected drop in profits.
To take back or to withdraw a statement or opinion.
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